How to Fix Chrome Critical Error Scam Message [2022]

Getting the Google Chrome critical virus alert?

In this post, I’m guiding my readers to fix Chrome Critical Error Scam Message.

So they can avoid bieng a victim of cybercriminal activities and keep browsing the internet safely.

Chrome Critical Error

Many users have become a victim of Scam Messages that appear on the web browser, while you are visiting unsafe websites.

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The error message indicates that you should call on some number, to make your browser secure again.

Well, these indications are only provided by hackers to hack into a user’s system.

So it would be a better option to get rid of this virus alert message on Chrome before it gets out of your hands.

How Do I Fix Chrome Critical Error Scam Message?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Restart your PC

    The very first thing you should be doing is to restart your computer and remove the internet connection from it.

    I would recommend doing power cycling the PC, to help it remove all the scripts that are causing you all the trouble.

    a. So first of all, you should power off your computer and remove all the cables from it.

    b. Now, press the power button on it for about 10 to 20 seconds, while it’s shut down.

    c. Afterward, attach all the cables back with it and then power it on.

  2. Delete Bookmarks

    Some Chrome bookmarks can be the reason why you are having this critical virus alert. You should remove them from your system.
    Delete Chrome Bookmarks
    a. Visit chrome://bookmarks/ on your browser.

    b. Click on the three-dotted icon that’s placed beside the saved bookmark name.

    c. Select the Delete option.

    d. Do the same with all the unwanted bookmarks.

  3. Remove Browser’s Data

    Maybe the error resides with a website’s cookies or cache data of your browser. In that case, you should remove all the cache and cookies data, to make your browser work fast again.

    a. While Chrome is launched, press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys from the keyboard. Mac users need to press the Command + Shift + Del keys.

    b. From the appearing popup, select the All-Time range and click on the Clear Data button.

    c. Once the data is removed, relaunch Chrome.

  4. Reset Chrome

    Some websites’ cookies can corrupt the settings of your web browser. So it would be best to reset Chrome, to remove all the bad scripts from it.
    Reset Chrome
    a. Visit chrome://settings/reset

    b. Click on Restore settings to original defaults

    c. Confirm the activity and allow the browser to relaunch.


What is the Google Chrome critical virus alert?

It’s a bad script added by the developers of unsafe sites, who only want to sneak a peek into a user’s device, by gathering as much information as possible about him.

Should I reinstall Chrome to remove the critical error?

Yes, there’s no harm in reinstalling Chrome, if you are tired of getting the critical error. But I would suggest that you simply reset Chrome if you want to complete the same task with ease.

What happens when I delete all my Chrome data?

All of your account data is deleted from the web browser. But if it is synchronized with your account, you can get it back, when you again sign in with the same account.

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