How to Enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox [2022]

Many users fancy using Firefox Vertical Tabs just like Edge. Well, such users can read this article about How to Enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox. So they can improve the browser’s performance and productivity level on their computer.

Enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox

It’s a little difficult to manage multiple horizontal tabs while browsing the internet.

One can’t recognize the tab that he actually wants to visit at the moment and ends up visiting a website that’s not for the current usage.

The hipe of vertical tabs is created among users when Microsoft introduced this facility on Edge.

So now Firefox users can also benefit from this facility by performing the workaround, which I have written in this post.

What are Vertical Tabs?

Vertical Tabs are designed to provide convenience for internet users.

They are specifically developed to assist users in managing the launched tabs with ease.

All of the launched tabs start to appear within the left-sided vertical bar, which makes it easier to recognize each-n-every tab.

So basically, by enabling vertical tabs, you get to browse more accurately, by only launching the tabs that you prefer.

How Do I Enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox?

Time needed: 4 minutes.

To tell you the truth, you can’t officially Enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox. Because this facility isn’t provided by Mozilla, you can consult with a third-party add-on, to accomplish such a goal.

  1. Visit the Mozilla Store

    First of all, you need to launch Firefox and click here to visit the tab center reborn add-on page.

  2. Add Tab Center Reborn to Firefox

    After visiting the add-on’s page, click on the Add to Firefox button. You will also be asked to confirm your action, by clicking on the Add button, that’ll appear on the popup.Add Tab Center Reborn to Firefox

  3. Show Tab Center on Extensions Bar

    Once the installation of the add-on is completed, ensure that it’s appearing within the extensions bar. You are allowed to use the Show/hide facility, to perform the desired operation.

  4. Start using Vertical Tabs in Firefox

    Now, the vertical tabs will start to appear on the interface of Firefox. All of your launched tabs will start to appear with the tabs bar and you can also use the available search bar, to locate your preffered tab.

  5. Add Vertical Tabs in Private Mode

    Mozilla Firefox will allow you to select whether you want to use Tab Center Reborn in private mode or not. So if you want to use it, enable the Allow this extension to run in Private Windows facility, after installing it on your web browser.Vertical Tabs in Private Mode


Can I add tabs on the side of Firefox?

You can install the Tab Center Reborn Firefox add-on to get your favorite tabs on the side of Firefox. Because this extension is only provided for the fans of vertical tabs.

Can I disable vertical tabs in Firefox?

Yes, you are allowed to disable vertical tabs in Firefox, whenever you please. To do so, simply uninstall the Tab Center Reborn extension. Afterward, relaunch the web browser, to benefit from the implied changes.

Are vertical tabs the same in Firefox and Edge?

Well, they do work the same on Firefox and Edge. But the difference is that Edge has this built-in facility, so the performance is more accurate. As in Firefox, you are required to install a third-party extension, so you face glitches while navigating to opened tabs.

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