How to Enable Simplified View on Chrome Android [2022]

Like to Enable Simplified View on Chrome Android?

I have written a straightforward method to help readers enable or disable the simplified view on Chrome for Android. I will be discussing separate methods to complete this task, so you can use the reader mode, whenever you please.

Enable Simplified View on Chrome Android

Chrome comes built-in on every Android device. That’s why it’s the most frequently used browser on Android. But using it can be tricky, as some of its functionalities like reader mode aren’t enabled by default.

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Keeping it as simple as possible for internet users, Chrome delivers the mobile version of the desktop sites. Resulting-in, mobile user gets to surf websites at a fast speed and without wasting any time on page uploading.

How Do I Enable Simplified View on Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

You don’t have to be an expert to learn to turn on/off the simplified view on Chrome. Because such an option can be triggered from the browser’s menu. Because the accessibility options are available for every Chrome user.

  1. Turn On Simplified View

    Users can turn on the simplified view mode directly from Chrome’s settings. They can navigate to the Accessibility options, to complete such a task.

    a. From the main interface of Chrome, tap on the menu icon.

    b. Select the Settings option.

    c. Navigate to the Accessibility section.

    d. Check the Simplified view for web pages checkbox.

    e. Launch a new web page, it’ll launch automatically in reader mode.

  2. Turn Off Simplified View

    You can reverse the aforementioned method to disable the simplified view mode in Chrome for Android. It would help you in retrieving back the default page view.

    a. Navigate to the Chrome menu and select Settings.

    b. Go to the Accessibility tab.

    c. Uncheck the Simplified view for web pages box.


How to enable reader mode in Chrome?

Every user has the option of enabling the reader mode in Chrome. He needs to navigate to the Accessibility option, to turn on this facility manually.

Can I customize the simplified view mode on Chrome?

Yes, you are allowed to make some customizations with the simplified view mode on Chrome for Android. To be specific, the option of making certain appearance changes is provided by the developers.

How to disable reader mode on Chrome?

In case you no-longer want to facilitate yourself from the reader mode, you have the option of disabling it from the browser’s Accessibility settings.

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