How to Enable Secret Mode on Samsung Internet [2022]

Like to Enable Secret Mode on Samsung Internet?

In this guide, I have discussed the method of enabling secret mode on the Samsung Internet Browser. To help you to benefit from this browser, by launching and managing new tabs. And, let you add a password to secret mode, so no one else can enable it without your assistance.

Enable Secret Mode on Samsung Internet

Every internet user prefers to stay private while browsing the internet. That’s why all the web browsers now come with a private mode, in which, no cookies data and browsing history are stored. That helps a lot in keeping a user’s privacy intact.

Even though the private mode is too much beneficial for an internet user, it isn’t enabled by default. A user has to enable it manually by navigating to the new tab section or from the browser’s menu. Because it is made available specifically for the network administrators.

How Do I Enable Secret Mode on Samsung Internet?

Time needed: 4 minutes.

I’m going to discuss methods to turn on secret mode on Samsung Internet – and help you in launching new tabs in it, so you can take full advantage of this mode, for as long as you please.

  1. Enable Secret Mode

    Samsung Internet users can enable the secret mode from the New Tab window. Though the recently launched tabs would not be converted to the secret mode, a new window will now be launched.

    a. Launch Samsung Internet on your Android device.

    b. Tap on the New Tab icon.

    c. Hit the Turn on Secret Mode option.

    d. Start browsing in the secret mode within Samsung Internet.

  2. Add Secret Mode to Quick Menu

    If you find launching Secret Mode from the new tab page, a little irritating, you can add it to the Quick Menu. To do so, perform the following steps:

    a. While Samsung Internet is launched, tap on the menu icon.

    b. Navigate to Settings >> Appearance.

    c. Tap on the Customize Menu link.

    d. Drag the Turn on secret mode icon to the Quick Menu bar.

    e. Now, close the menu and navigate to the main interface of Samsung Internet.

    g. Launch Secret Mode, directly from the Quick Menu.

  3. Lock Secret Mode

    In case you prefer to keep the browser’s secret mode all to yourself, you should add a passcode to it. So that no one, but only you get to enable Secret Mode in Samsung Internet.

    a. Using the browser menu, navigate to Settings.

    b. Tap on Privacy and Security >> Secret Mode Settings.

    c. Enable the Password and Biometrics toggles.

  4. Add New Tab

    Samsung Internet lets you enable as many tabs, as you wish in the secret mode. If you are unaware of such a solution, perform the following steps:

    a. Enable the Secret Mode on Samsung Internet.

    b. Tap on the tabs icon.

    c. Hit the New Tab link.

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