How to Enable Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android [2022]

In this guide, I will describe multiple ways to Enable Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android. So that users can enable safe search on their preffered mobile web browser, and say no to any untrusted third-party browsers.

Enable Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android

No internet user wants to compromise his online security and privacy. That’s why everyone is now into using a web browser that’s safe and offers more privacy services.

However, Google Chrome isn’t one of the safest browsers on the planet, but it does offer numerous customizations that a user can perform, according to his requirements.

A huge number of users who are happy with the services of Chrome want to make their mobile browser a safe place to surf the internet.

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So if you are one of such Chrome users, who don’t want to bother trying any other products, but want to make Chrome safe instead, consult with the following methods.

How Do I Enable Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android?

One can turn on Safe Browsing on Chrome Android by following two simple procedures. Either he can enable this facility from the in-app settings or by using Chrome flags.

Here is the proper explanation of the aforementioned methods to enable Chrome’s safe browsing:

Using Settings

Through Chrome settings, users are allowed to perform certain customizations, as they please.

Every piece of a facility is provided for the convenience of Chrome users, so there’s no harm in enabling or disabling any service.

But here are the steps to enable Chrome’s safe browsing on Android via Settings:

1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device.

2. Hit the More (three-dotted) icon.

3. From its context menu, select Privacy and SecuritySafe Browsing on Chrome

4. Navigate to the Safe Browsing section.

5. Select one of the following options:

  • Enhanced Protection
  • Standard ProtectionEnhanced Safe Browsing mode on Chrome for Android

I would personally recommend you to enable Enhanced Safe Browsing mode on Chrome for Android. So you can get notified whenever you are about to become a victim of cybercriminal activities.

By enabling its services, you will be notified instantly whenever you try visiting a malicious website or try to download a file that’s not safe.

Note: If you are not seeing the Safe Browsing option in Chrome for Android, it’s usually because you are currently running an older version. So ensure that you are using Chrome v86.0.4240.114 or above.

Using Chrome Flags

In case you have checked the browser version and it’s updated, but not providing a safe browsing option, you can still enable the service from Chrome Flags.

To be honest, it’s even much easier to enable safe browsing via Chrome flags. Because its interface is pretty straightforward.

Let’s see how to benefit from Chrome flags:

1. Visit the following URL on Google Chrome:


2. Use the available search bar to locate Safe Browsing.

3. Select Enabled for the following two services:

  • Enhanced Protection Promo Card on Android
  • Password Protection For Signed-In Users

4. After enabling the aforementioned services, click on the Relaunch button.

Now, Chrome’s safe browsing will be enabled and you will be allowed to benefit from it for secure internet browsing.


Q) What actually is Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android?

A) Safe browsing is provided for Chrome users who never want to face the consequences of browsing insecure websites. Chrome’s algorithms run in the background, telling individuals to only visit the websites and download files that are safe.

Q) What are the techniques for safe browsing on Chrome?

A) In case you can’t enable safe browsing or look for some other ways to SafeSearch, you should try out the following tricks:

  1. Use a VPN
  2. Browse in Incognito mode
  3. Disable explicit content
  4. Visit websites with HTTPS protocols
  5. Download files from trusted sources

Q) Is Incognito and Safe Browsing Same?

No, during in Incognito or Private mode is totally different from safe browsing on Chrome for Android. The private mode only lets you browse the internet without creating a browsing history. As safe browsing is enabled to help you avoid malicious content.

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