How to Enable or Disable Browser Notifications on Android

Like to stop Chrome notifications on Android?

I’m here to describe the proper way to Enable or Disable Browser Notifications on Android.

So if that interests you, because you are tired of getting manipulated by the built-in settings, keep reading this guide.

Browser Notifications on Android

It’s never too late to customize your smartphone OS depending on your requirements.

Well, it’s better to make the customizations, before getting annoyed by them.

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That’s what Android OS gives you the full option of handling your browser notification, according to your laws.

How to Manipulate Browser Notifications on Android?

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Now, I will be describing some straightforward ways to enable or disable browser notifications on an Android Device. I will be using the Chrome browser to demonstrate the process, that’s similar to all the browsers on Android.

  1. Disable Chrome Notifications

    To turn off the chrome notifications completely, perform the following steps:
    Disable Chrome Notifications
    a. Launch the Settings app.

    b. Go to Apps & Notifications.

    c. Choose Chrome or any browser you are annoyed off.

    d. Tap on the Notifications section.

    e. Now, turn off the Show Notifications toggle.

  2. Disable Sites Notifications

    In case you are only bieng notified from various websites, which you don’t know of, and don’t want to disable browser notifications, read the following steps:
    Disable Sites Notifications
    a. Open Settings and go to the Apps & Notifications section.

    b. Navigate to Chrome >> Notifications

    c. While Show Notifications is enabled, swipe down to get to the Sites section.

    d. Under Sites, disable the Show Notifications toggle.

  3. Enable Selected Site Notifications

    If you are only interested in getting notifications from your selective sites, imply the following steps on your Android device:
    Enable Selected Site Notifications
    a. From Android Settings, navigate to Apps & Notifications

    b. Select Chrome and go to its Notifications sub-section.

    c. Ensure that Show Notifications is enabled on all the sections. (browser and sites)

    d. Go to the Sites section and uncheck the sites from which you don’t want to receive notifications.


What Does Enable Browser Notifications Mean?

It means that whenever your browser needs to be updated, you will be notified. Or whenever there’s trending news online, your browser will notify you about it.

Can I Turn Off Browser Notifications on Android?

Yes, you are allowed to disable browser notifications whenever you please. Simply navigate to the browser’s settings and turn off whatever notifications you want at the moment.

Can I Disable Push Notifications of Websites?

Android OS helps you in enabling or disabling push notifications of websites. And such settings are available within the sites sub section, within the notifications main menu.

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