How to Download Webpage for Offline Viewing in Chrome Android

Want to Download Webpage for Offline Viewing in Chrome Android?

Here, I will share a straightforward solution to help you save a webpage for offline reading. In addition, also describe some related methods like how to read, share, or delete the saved webpages on Chrome for Android.

Download Webpage for Offline Viewing in Chrome Android

It’s hard to deny the fact that Chrome is one of the most highly-featured web browsers. It gives a user full freedom of making certain customization for ease of use.

There are times when your device isn’t connected to the internet, but you are in need to assure the data which you have recently seen on a website.

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For reference check or to read web pages offline, you have to download/save them. And, you can do this job directly from the browser’s menu.

How Do I Download Webpage for Offline Viewing in Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Android users have the full option of saving web pages for offline reading, and managing them, according to their requirements. Here are some solutions to help consumers make the most out of Chrome Android:

  1. Download Webpage in Chrome

    Users are allowed to save any webpage on Chrome for offline viewing. Google hasn’t added any restrictions to stop users from downloading web pages of their choice.

    a. Launch Chrome and visit the website which you wish to save.

    b. While that website is launched, tap on the menu icon.

    c. Select the Download option to save that web page for offline viewing.

  2. View Offline Webpage in Chrome

    Once you have downloaded a webpage, it gets locally saved on Chrome. So you can view it whenever you please.

    a. After launching Chrome, hit the Menu icon.

    b. Tap on the Downloads option.

    c. Select the downloaded webpage, which you would like to view offline.

  3. Share or Delete Offline Webpage in Chrome

    Individuals can manipulate the saved web pages, according to their needs. They can view, share, or delete it, directly from Chrome.

    a. Open Chrome’s menu and tap on Downloads.

    b. In front of the desired saved webpage, tap on the menu icon.

    c. Choose the Share or Delete option, as you like.


Can I save a website for offline viewing?

Yes, Chrome gives you the option of saving web pages for offline viewing and reading. You can download a web page by tapping on the Download icon, that is available inside the browser’s menu.

What should I be doing to launch a saved website?

You can navigate to Chrome’s menu to access the web page, that you have downloaded. You are allowed to save it or share it, whatever you want.

Can I share the saved website data?

Chrome helps you in sharing the saved web pages via your desired apps. The only thing you need to do is to choose the share option from the saved webpage’s menu.

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