How to Download Microsoft Edge on Phone and iPad [2022]

Take a fancy to Download Microsoft Edge on Phone?

I’m here to share some details about how it’s possible to install Microsoft Edge chromium on Android, iPhone, and iPad, from the official sources.

Download Microsoft Edge on Phone

It’s never too late to benefit from a program that’s less resource-hungry and keeps you browsing the internet fastly.

Even on your smartphone, you would always prefer to use a web browser that’s less laggy and helps you in installing third-party add-ons.

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And, allow me to just clear some air for you, Edge is faster than Chrome. So if you are interested in using Edge on your Android, iOS, or iPadOS, consult the following section.

How Do I Download Microsoft Edge on Phone or iPad?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here I present the straightforward solutions to install and run Edge chromium on Android, iPhone, and iPad. I will only share the official methods to complete this task.

  1. Microsoft Edge on Android

    Microsoft has published Edge chromium for all the major platforms. And it can be installed on Android 6.0 or above.
    Microsoft Edge on Android
    a. Visit the Google Play Store.

    b. Use the play store’s search bar to open Microsoft Edge.

    c. Tap on the Install button and let the app install on your Android device.

    d. After completing the browser’s installation, tap on Open.

  2. Microsoft Edge on iOS

    Users can install Microsoft Edge on iPhone, directly from the App Store. There’s no need to jailbreak their iPhone to benefit from this app.
    Microsoft Edge on iPhone
    a. Launch the App Store.

    b. Open the Microsoft Edge in the App Store.

    c. Tap on the Get button (present beneath the app’s name)

    d. Confirm the activity using your Apple ID and password.

    e. Tap Open to launch Microsoft Edge on iPhone.

  3. Microsoft Edge on iPadOS

    iPad users can also benefit from this free Chromium-based browser. They can also use the Apple app store to complete this task.
    Microsoft Edge on iPad
    a. Open the App Store on your iPad.

    b. Visit the Microsoft Edge page on the app store.

    c. Tap on the Get button to complete the installation task.

    d. At last, launch Microsoft Edge by tapping on the Open button.


Can I Download Microsoft Edge on Android from the Official Website?

Yes, Microsoft has added the Edge APK on their official website. You can download that file and install it manually on your Android device.

Is Edge Chromium Available on App Store?

App Store allows you to install Edge chromium on your iOS and iPadOS devices. So you can use the web browser of your choice to surf the internet.

Why Edge Keeps Crashing on Android?

Android users might face trouble with using the services of Microsoft Edge. If you are facing this issue, simply long-tap on the Edge icon and select App Info. Go to the Storage section and tap on the Clear Cache memory.

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