How to Download Google Chrome on Mobile and Tablet (2022)

Want to Use Google Chrome on Android or iPhone?

I’m here to describe a straightforward solution for my readers to Download Google Chrome on Mobile and Tablets.

To be specific, I will be discussing ways of installing this web browser on Android, iOS, and iPadOS, so if that interests you keep reading the rest of this post.

Download Google Chrome on Mobile

Last day we discuss the procedure of downloading Chrome on a computer.

So today, I have decided to deliver guidance for mobile and tablet consumers, so they can also benefit from this tech giant’s product on their devices.

How Do I Download Google Chrome on Mobile?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

I will discuss three different methods for Android, iOS, and iPadOS users. You are allowed to choose whatever method suits you.

  1. Chrome for Android

    By using the services of the Play Store, you can download and install the official version of Google Chrome on your mobile. Here’s the proper procedure to do that:
    Chrome for Android
    a. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device.

    b. Use the available search bar to locate the Chrome app.

    c. Tap on the Install button and wait.

    d. Once the app is installed, tap on the Open button to launch it.

  2. Chrome for iPhone

    Apple’s app store is the only source for installing Chrome for iOS. You can perform the following steps to complete this task:
    Chrome for iPhone
    a. Visit the App Store on your iPhone.

    b. Search for Chrome and open the desired app from the search results.

    c. Tap on the Get button and confirm your identity by providing the Apple ID credentials.

    d. After completing the installation, tap on the Open button.

  3. Chrome for iPadOS

    A good thing is that iPad users can also benefit from Google Chrome. They just have to get assistance from the perspective app store to complete this task.
    Chrome for iPad
    a. Launch the App Store on your iPad.

    b. Use the search bar to open Google Chrome.

    c. Tap on the Get button beneath Chrome.

    d. Confirm your activity by providing a Touch ID and password.

    e. When the installation is completed, tap Open to launch it.


Can I Install Chrome Without Play Store?

Yes, you also have the option of installing Chrome APK on your Android device. By using this procedure, you can also install the Beta version of Google Chrome.

How Can I Install the Latest Version of Chrome on Android?

It’s recommended that you use the services of the Play Store to install the latest version of Chrome. It would also allow you to install the official version that’s currently bieng used by millions of users.

Why Chrome Isn’t Updating on My Android Device?

In case you are facing trouble with updating Chrome on Android, you should try removing the cache memory of the browser. To do so, long-tap on Chrome’s icon and select App Info. Now, navigate to the Storage tab and tap on Clear Cache.

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