How to Download Firefox on Mobile and Tablet [2022]

Want to Download Firefox on Mobile or Tablet?

I have written a guide that’s gonna help you download Firefox on your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. And I would prefer to only talk about the official sources to complete such a task.

Download Firefox on Mobile

No one can deny the fact that Firefox is one of the most secure web browsers, that’s available for all the major platforms.

One of the huge benefits of using it is its support for third-party add-ons, even on mobile.

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I know that’s huge, you are getting the same services of a web browser on your computer and mobile.

How Do I Download Firefox on Mobile and Tablet?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

In the following sections, I will be discussing three different solutions for Android, iOS, and iPadOS users. You are allowed to pick any method, depending upon the device on which you want to install Firefox.

  1. Firefox for Android

    Users can install Firefox on an Android version of their choice. Because this web browser doesn’t trouble a user with any compatibility issues, but only helps him in browsing the internet with full support.
    Firefox for Android
    a. Visit the Google Play Store on Android.

    b. Use the search bar to locate Firefox.

    c. After locating the app, tap on the Install button.

    d. The moment installation is completed, tap on the Open button to launch it.

  2. Firefox for iOS

    iPhone or iOS consumers can consult with the App Store to install Firefox. The web browser is available to be used on any iPhone and doesn’t respond laggy at all.
    Firefox for iOS
    a. Visit the App Store on your iPhone.

    b. Tap on the search bar and look for Firefox.

    c. After navigating to the browser’s installation page, tap on the Get button.

    d. Provide the Touch ID and password to confirm your activity.

    e. Once the installation is complete, launch Firefox from App Store or from the home screen of your iOS device.

  3. Firefox for iPadOS

    The installation process of Firefox for iPadOS is quite similar to iOS. Here’s what you require to do to complete this task:
    Firefox for iPadOS
    a. From the home screen of iPadOS, open the App Store.

    b. Use the search bar to open the page of Firefox.

    c. Tap on the Get button and provide your Touch ID credentials.

    d. Now, launch Firefox on your iPad by tapping on the Open button.


What options do I have to install Firefox on Android?

You have two options of installing this web browser on your mobile or tablet. Either you download it from Google Play or download & install the Firefox APK file, which you can get from the official Mozilla website.

Can I update Firefox on iOS 15?

Yes, you are allowed to update Firefox, or let’s check for updates any time you please. Simply, go to the App Store and open the Firefox page. Now, tap on the Update button, but only if there’s a pending update.

How to install Firefox on iPad?

You can use the services of the App Store to install Firefox on an iPad. All you have to do is to navigate to the perspective app store to get the latest version of Firefox on iPadOS.

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