How to Download Firefox on Computer [2022]

Fancy downloading Firefox on your Computer?

I’m writing this post to help users who want to Download Firefox on Computer. I will be describing three separate methods, considering the three major operating systems i.e; Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Firefox on Computer

Firefox is considered the best alternative to Google Chrome, as it is also chromium-based, it also gives one the opportunity of installing third-party add-ons.

A separate Mozilla app store is available only for Firefox users, allowing them to add additional features to their favorite web browser.

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But to benefit from this browser, you have to first install it on your computer. So if you want to learn about the method of installing it, read the following section.

How Do I Download Firefox on Computer?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Firefox can be installed on different versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. The web browser is fully compatible with most of the older and newer versions of the major operating systems.

  1. Firefox for Windows

    Gladly, you can install Firefox for Windows, without having to care about your OS version. It is available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and older versions.
    Firefox for Windows
    a. Visit the link on your web browser.

    b. Once the browser’s executable file is downloaded, launch it on your computer.

    c. After completing the installation process, allow it to execute the first launch on your PC.

    Now, you can select Firefox as the default browser and sign in, to syncronize your data from one device to another.

  2. Firefox for Mac

    On all the Mac devices, like Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac, users have to perform the safe process to install Firefox. Even the process of installing this browser remains the same on Apple Mac devices with M1 processors.
    Firefox for Mac
    a. Visit the official page of Firefox and click on the Download Firefox button.

    b. After downloading the file of Mozilla Firefox, run the installer to initiate the installation process.

    c. When the installation is completed, drag the icon of Firefox to Applications folder.

    d. Now, you will be allowed to access Firefox directly from Applications.

  3. Firefox for Linux

    Users can install Firefox on their desired Linux distribution. Because this browser is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux-Mint, Fedora, and all of the other distributions.
    Firefox for Linux
    a. Download the file of Firefox from its official website.

    b. Launch the Downloads folder and move the download Firefox compressed file to the Home folder.

    c. Launch the Terminal and execute cd ~

    d. To extract the file, run sudo tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2

    e. Now, run ~/firefox/firefox to launch the installed web browser.


What is the default browser in Windows?

By default, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows. But users also have the option of changing the default apps, by navigating toe Settings >> Apps >> Default Apps.

What is the default browser on Mac?

On Mac, Safari is selected as the default browser. But the OS also provides the oppertunity of changing the default browser, if you want to change your default browser, click here to visit the detailed guide.

What is the default browser in Linux?

Gladly, Firefox for Linux is the default browser in all the Linux distributions. It usually present by default, but you can also install it manually, if you are not satified by the installed browser’s version.

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