How to Download Apple Safari on Mobile and iPad [2022]

Want to Download Apple Safari on Mobile?

In the following post, I have added procedures for getting the Safari web browser on Android, iPad, and iPhone. You are allowed to pick any method, depending upon your smart device.

Download Apple Safari on Mobile

On Apple devices, Safari’s performance is incomparable. Maybe it’s because the browser is available officially for iOS and iPadOS devices.

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But one can only benefit from Safari if he knows the right steps to install it on his smartphone.

How Do I Download Apple Safari on Mobile?

Time needed: 1 minute.

In the following sections, I have discussed the usage of the Safari browser on individual devices like Android, iPad, and iOS.

  1. Safari on iOS

    By default, Safari is available on iPhones or iPods. But somehow if it gets deleted from the OS or you want to install its updated version, perform the following steps:

    a. Launch the App Store.

    b. Open the Safari in the App Store.

    c. Tap on the Get button (present beneath the app’s name)

    d. Confirm the activity using your Apple ID and password.

    e. Tap Open to launch Safari on iPhone.

  2. Safari on iPadOS

    iPad users also don’t need to worry about the availability of the Safari browser. In case they wish to install its updated version, here are the proper steps to complete this task.
    Safari Browser
    a. Open the App Store on your iPad.

    b. Visit the Safari page on the app store.

    c. Tap on the Get button to complete the installation task.

    d. At last, launch Safari by tapping on the Open button.

  3. Safari on Android

    To tell you the truth, there’s no Safari browser for Android.

    Apple hasn’t yet developed any Safari browser to be used on Android smartphones or tablets.

    So it would be best for you to use a browser that’s compatible with your Android device.


Can I Uninstall Safari on iPhone?

No, Safari is preinstalled on iPhone and that’s why you can’t uninstall it from your iPhone or iPad.

Why There’s No Safari on Android?

It’s mainly because Apple Inc. has not developed any Safari version for Android devices. They want to keep it simple and only for Apple devices.

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