How to Download Apple Safari on Computer [2022]

Desire to Download Apple Safari on Computer?

In this post, I’m sharing the proper ways to benefit from Apple Safari on Mac, Windows, and Linux. As this browser is officially available for Apple devices, now you can also use it on other operating systems.

Download Apple Safari on Computer

Apple Safari provides the opportunity of browsing the internet without any glitches.

It is specifically perfect for Apple consumers, so they can use their account, without having any privacy issues.

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But a user needs to perform certain operations, depending upon his OS, to take full advantage of the Safari browser.

How Do I Download Apple Safari on Computer?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

On each of the major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux, users have to perform different procedures to get Apple Safari.

So in the following sections, I have discussed these three operating systems individually.

  1. Safari for Mac

    Gladly, Safari is the built-in browser for Mac users. It’s installed by default, and there’s no way of deleting it.
    Safari for Mac
    In some cases, the browse gets deleted due to interruption caused by the third-party users or geeks.

    Well, in that case, you can click here to download Safari on your Mac device.

  2. Safari for Windows

    The Safari browser isn’t officially available to be installed on Windows PC.
    Safari for Windows
    Apple Did provide the support at first, but I think they were unable to handle the burden and decided to keep the support limited for the Apple devices.

    Visit the download link to download the latest version of Safari for Windows.

    Now, install the browser by following onscreen instructions.

  3. Safari for Linux

    For Linux, it’s a little complicated to install and run Safari.

    They have to use the services of Wine, to install the same Safari Setup file, that we just downloaded for Windows PC.

    Here are the proper steps to benefit from Wine to install Safari:

    a. Launch the Terminal and use the following command to install Wine on Linux:

    sudo apt-get install -y wine

    b. Build a Safari directory:

    mkdir -p ~/build/safari
    cd ~/build/safari

    c. Download Safari’s latest version:


    d. Use Wine to initiate the installation of Safari on Linux:

    wine SafariSetup.exe

    e. Follow the onscreen instructions on Wine to install the web browser.


Can I Update Safari on Windows?

No, you can’t update the Safari browser on your Windows PC. But you can uninstall the browser and then download & install the latest version of this web browser.

How to Update Safari on Linux?

On Linux, you are getting the same file as Windows OS. So you will have to reinstall the latest version using Wine, and there’s no way to enable automated Safari updates on Linux.

Should I Use Safari on Windows or Linux?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think you should be using Safari on Windows or Linux. Because the browser gives too many compatibility issues on these two operating systems.

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