How to Downgrade and Install Older Version of Firefox? [2022]

Want to Downgrade and Install Older Version of Firefox?

I have drafted a step-by-step for Firefox users who want to keep benefiting from the older version. Well, such users should give all credits to the Mozilla team, they have made it possible for users to download and install an older Firefox build on a computer.

Downgrade and Install Older Version of Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has the good services a PC user desires from his web browser. As it is a chromium-based browser, everyone is allowed to install third-party add-ons from the Mozilla store, without having to get into the hassle of uploading extension files.

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As Firefox is mostly preffered by the developers, who like to keep everything productivity-friendly, they wish to benefit from the browser’s version of their choice. Well, such users can now get any Firefox older version like 78, 72, 48, or 42.

How Do I Downgrade and Install Older Version of Firefox?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Users are required to perform a step method to Downgrade and Install Older Version of Firefox. Because they need to download an older version, install it, and only then disable the automatic Firefox updates.

  1. Downgrade Firefox

    a. Visit the Firefox directory listings webpage on your web browser.

    Downgrade Firefox
    b. Scroll down the Firefox version of your choice.

    c. Select a build depending upon your operating system (Linux, Winodws, or macOS).

    d. Choose your preffered language and region.

    e. Click on the .exe file to download it directly on your computer.

    About Firefox
    Note: You can recognize your current system information in the About Firefox section.

  2. Install Older Version Firefox

    a. Launch the downloaded Firefox Setup file on your system.

    Install Older Version Firefox
    b. Click on the Next button to proceed.

    c. Allow the Setup to allocate the directory, where you have currently installed Firefox.

    d. Now, click on the Upgrade button.

  3. Disable Firefox Updates

    a. From the main interface of Firefox, click on the Menu icon.

    Disable Firefox Updates
    b. Select Options from the menu.

    c. Select the Check for Update but let you choose to install them option.

FAQs: Firefox Old Version

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Firefox?

You can navigate to Firefox options and from the General tab, choose the Check for Update but let you choose to install them bullet.

Can I Install Older Version Firefox?

Yes, you are allowed to install an older version of Firefox whenever you please. All of the previous Firefox builds are downloadable and made available by the Mozilla team.

Where Can I Find the Firefox Builds?

You can visit the webpage to access the Firefox build of your choice and install it, as per your requirements.

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