How to Disable Safari in iPhone or iPad [2022]

Want to Disable Safari in iPhone or iPad?

For the convenience of iOS users, I have written a guide to help them enable content and privacy restrictions. So they can easily turn off Safari or any other built-in services on their iPhone and iPad.

Disable Safari in iPhone

Every iOS user is well-aware of the fact that Safari comes by default. It can’t be uninstalled from the system, but they do have the option of disabling its services, in times, when they are in need of using a third-party web browser.

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There’s no denying that most Windows PC owners prefer to use browsers like Chrome or Firefox on iOS devices. Because they wish to claim the benefit of data synchronization between their computer and iOS devices.

How Do I Disable Safari in iPhone and iPad?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The process of disabling Safari varies in iOS versions. Such a procedure is different on iOS 11 or previous versions. As on the iOS 12 or above versions, the method is slightly different for customizing content and privacy restrictions.

  1. Turn Off Safari on iOS 12+

    Users having devices with iOS 12 or above versions need to first enable the content and privacy restrictions to become able to default apps. That’s the only way of disabling Safari on such devices.

    Turn Off Safari on iOS 12 or Above
    a. Launch the iOS Settings.

    b. Navigate to the Screen Time section.

    c. Tap on Turn on Screen Time.

    d. Hit the Continue button.

    e. Go to Use Screen Time Passcode.

    f. Designate a strong 4-digit passcode to proceed.

    g. Navigate to Content and Privacy Restrictions.

    h. Enable the Content and Privacy Restrictions toggle.

    i. Tap on Allowed Apps.

    j. Turn off the Safari toggle.

  2. Turn Off Safari on iOS 11 or Older

    In case you are using an older iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or older version, you need to perform the following steps to disable Safari.

    Turn Off Safari on iOS 11 or Older
    a. Open iOS Settings.

    b. Navigate to the General tab.

    c. Tap on Restrictions.

    d. Hit the Enable Restrictions option.

    e. Designate a four-digit passcode.

    f. Now, turn off the Safari toggle.


Can I Restrict Safari on My iPhone?

Yes, you are allowed to restrict Safari on your iPhone. You need to go to Settings and enable Screen Time – and add a passcode to keep your device protected. Now, go to the Content and Privacy Restrictions and restrict Safari from there.

Can I Stop Safari Sharing?

You need to disable the Handoff facility, to disable Safari sharing on your iOS or macOS device. On iOS devices, such customization can be done from Settings >> General >> AirPlay & Handoff.

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