How to Disable Google Chrome on Android [2022]

Ought to Disable Google Chrome on Android?

Today’s topic is for users who wish to remove/uninstall Chrome from their Android devices. As this web browser comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone, it’s a little complicated to completely remove it, without rooting the device.

Disable Google Chrome on Android

Rooting an Android device has its perks, but just for removing a built-in app, I would recommend any user to take that risk. Because everyone has the option of disabling apps from the system, to stop them from running in the background.

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No doubt, Chrome consumes more RAM than any other browser, and doesn’t provide the same services, as it does on a computer. Also, not everyone is ok with giving some disk storage to apps that come without their concern.

How Do I Disable Google Chrome on Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To be honest, there’s no way of uninstalling Chrome on Android. But you can disable the app and delete its data so that it doesn’t bother you anymore. Also, it will be removed from the App Drawer, as soon as you disable it.

  1. Wipe Cache and App Data

    First of all, you need to remove all the data associated with Chrome. To do so, you will have to clear all the browsing data and remove the junk files from its cache memory.

    a. Launch Google Chrome on your Android device.

    b. Tap on the Menu icon and select Settings.

    c. Select the Privacy and Security section.

    d. Hit the Clear Browsing Data option.

    e. Check all the boxes and tap on the Clear Data button.

  2. Disable Chrome

    After removing Chrome’s data from your smartphone, you can disable Chrome. But do remember that disabling and uninstalling, are two different things. Some browser files will remain inside the system files, but wouldn’t bother you at all.

    Disable Chrome
    a. Launch the Settings app.

    b. Navigate to the Apps section.

    c. Select the Chrome app.

    d. Tap on the Force Stop button and confirm your activity.

    e. Now, tap on the Disable button.


Can I uninstall Chrome from my Android device?

No, you can’t completely uninstall Chrome from your Android device. But you do have the option of disabling it from the Apps section.

Can I enable Chrome, after disabling it?

Yes, you can enable Chrome at any instance. Simple reverse the process of disabling the app from the Settings of your Android device.

How to remove Chrome files from my Android phone?

You can navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Chrome >> Storage. Now, tap on the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons, to remove the browser’s files.

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