How to Create Shortcut and Add to Desktop in Chrome [2022]

Like to Create Shortcut and Add to Desktop in Chrome?

I’ll be guiding you about creating a shortcut and adding it to your desktop, so you can launch it directly, without having to enter its URL every time within Chrome. This facility is available within Chrome, so you will not be required to install any third-party add-ons to complete this task.

Create Shortcut and Add to Desktop in Chrome

For every internet user, productivity is always a huge concern. That’s why Google has finally decided to add a create shortcut facility – for users who don’t want to bother entering the address of websites they visit on a daily basis.

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Such a facility can be triggered directly from the browser’s menu. But it would be best to trigger this facility while you are visiting your preffered website on Chrome. Because it would be then easier for you to add its shortcut to your desktop.

How Do I Create Shortcut and Add to Desktop in Chrome?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The process of creating a desktop shortcut in Chrome is as easy as walking in the park on a sunny day. As this facility is provided officially by Google, you can enable it from the browser’s menu. But before moving forward, just ensure that Chrome is fully updated.

  1. Create A Website Shortcut in Chrome

    To create a shortcut, you first need to launch a website whose shortcut desktop shortcut you want to create and then enable the facility from the Chrome menu. Here’s the proper way to implement this theory:

    Create A Website Shortcut in Chrome
    a. Launch the preffered website on Google Chrome.

    b. Click on the three-dotted icon to launch the menu.

    c. Navigate to the More Tools section.

    d. Select the Create Shortcut option.

    e. Add the preffered shortcut details and click on the Create button.


How to delete the Chrome shortcut from the desktop?

If you have mistakenly created a shortcut to a website, you can delete it at any instance. Just right-click on the created desktop shortcut and select the Delete option – and confirm your action.

Can I change the name of Chrome desktop shortcut?

Yes, you are allowed to make customizations with your Chrome desktop shortcuts. Simply right-click on the shortcut and select the Rename option. Now, enter a name to be designated to that shortcut.

Is it safe to create a Chrome desktop shortcut?

There’s no harm in creating a Chrome desktop shortcut. Rather, it’s beneficial for users willing to increase productivity by launching preffered websites directly from the desktop.

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