How to Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari [2022]

Want to Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari?

I have come up with solutions to help iOS users improve the performance of Safari on their iOS devices. With such methods, they can make their default web browser work like a charm, and keep browsing the internet, without having to consult with a third-party browser.

Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari

Every iOS user prefers to use Safari because he knows that it’s the best browser for his mobile device. As it doesn’t lag and keeps on providing good services to its users, without having to annoy them with any kinds of errors.

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However, this built-in iOS browser isn’t free of flaws. It may become slow at times when its cache memory is filled with lots of cookie data. So it’s the job of an iOS user to remove the cache files manually, to keep the browser’s performance high.

How Do I Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Users are required to perform separate methods to Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari. Because the browser’s history can only be deleted from the respective section. As for removing browser data, you are required to remove cookies and websites from the settings app.

  1. Clear Safari History

    iOS consumers can only clear the browsing history from the perspective section. They need to launch the browser and navigate to the History tab, to clear all the past browsing data on Safari.

    a. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device.

    b. Tap on the Bookmark icon, placed beside the URL bar.

    c. Go to the History section.

    d. Tap on the Clear link.

  2. Clear Safari Cache and Cookies

    To remove Safari’s website data, you are required to consult with the Settings app on your iOS device. Because only then, you will be allowed to remove all the associated data, without harming the browser’s performance.

    Clear Safari Cache and Cookies
    a. Launch the Settings app.

    b. Navigate to the Safari section.

    c. Tap on Clear History and Website Data.

    d. Confirm your action, by tapping on the Clear button.

    e. Relaunch Safari for better results.

FAQs: Clear Safari and Website Data

Does Clearing Safari History Remove Cookies?

No, you are required to perform these methods individually. Because the cookies data is removed from Settings, you can remove the History data from within Safari.

Is It Good To Clear Safari History and Data?

Yes, it will benefit you a lot, as it would help you in making your browser respond quicker to the received requests. Because now, you will be taken directly to the desired website, without consulting with stored cache data.

How To Clear A Website’s Data Individually?

Navigate to the Settings app and select the Safari tab. Now, tap on the Website Data and choose the Clear Site Storage option.

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