How to Clear Cookies and Cache on Samsung Internet [2022]

Want to Clear Cookies and Cache on Samsung Internet?

In this article, I have drafted a method to help my readers clear browsing data in Samsung Internet Browser. The method which I’ve discussed doesn’t require any consultation from a third-party app or add-on.

Clear Cookies and Cache on Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet Browser is pre-installed on Samsung smartphones. As most of the users don’t even bother to install it manually, most of them are also unaware of the procedures to make it extra smooth.

While browsing the internet, some websites’ cookies data, and the cache is stored within the browser’s cache memory. Sometimes the saved browsing data can be helpful, but only when you are not ok with compromising your online privacy.

Using the Incognito mode on Samsung Internet is just one of the many ways to make the default browser secure. But in case a user prefers to use the normal mode, he might need to get rid of the website cookies and cache, from time to time.

How Do I Clear Cookies and Cache on Samsung Internet?

Time needed: 1 minute.

Just like most famous Android browsers, users can remove the browsing data on Samsung Internet, by navigating to the browser’s settings. They can clear the browsing history, cookies, cache, passwords, location access, and other browsing-related data from the browser’s settings.

  1. Clear Samsung Internet Browsing Data

    a. Launch the Samsung Internet Browser on your mobile.

    b. Tap on the hamburger menu icon and select Settings.

    c. Go to the Advanced section and tap on Privacy and Security.

    d. Under Personal Data, tap on Delete Browsing Data.

    e. Check the Browsing historyCacheand Cookies and site data checkboxes.

    Clear Samsung Internet Browsing Data
    f. Confirm your action by hitting the Delete button.

FAQs: Clear Samsung Internet Data

How to clear search history and cache on Samsung Internet?

Navigate to Settings >> Privacy and Security and tap on Delete Browsing Data. Now, your job is to select the Browsing History and Cache options, before tapping on the Delete button.

What happens when you clear cache on Samsung Internet?

All of your browsing data and junk files get deleted from the browser’s cache memory. Resulting in, you get to enjoy a smooth browsing experience.

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