How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Safari Mac [2022]

Ought to Clear Cache and Cookies on Safari Mac?

Today’s article is about helping readers how to clean Safari of all the junk files. In addition, I will also be telling you a way to clear history of this built-in web browser. So stay tuned, if you are into completing this task with ease.

Clear Cache and Cookies on Safari Mac

It’s never too difficult to make some customizations within Safari. Apple Inc. has delivered a user-friendly browser, that’s easy to manipulate and work with. And, enabling any facility in Safari, is simple as walking in the park on a sunny day.

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But the browsing performance usually becomes slower, which can be enhanced by clearing all the junk files. Yes, I mean that users should clear the browser’s cache and cookies data, to make their favorite browser work faster.

How Do I Clear Cache and Cookies on Safari Mac?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Rather than facing any performance issues on Safari, it’s better to keep the browser clean of junk files. But such a process is only beneficial if there’s no data stored from the past. That’s why you first need to clear the browsing history and only then – clear the cache and cookies data.

  1. Clear Safari Browsing History

    If you prefer to browse in the normal mode, your browsing data is saved by Safari. However, you can remove the browsing history whenever you please.

    Clear Safari Browsing History
    a. Launch Safari on your computer.

    b. Navigate to the History tab from the menu bar.

    c. Select the Clear History option.

    d. From the newly appearing popup, choose the time period of your choice.

    e. Click on the Clear History button to confirm your action.

  2. Clear Cache and Cookies in Safari

    With your browsing history, the website’s leftover files are also stored inside the cache memory of your device. You can remove such files from Safari, without having to launch macOS settings.

    Clear Cache and Cookies in Safari
    a. Open Safari on your macOS device.

    b. Navigate to the Safari tab from the menu bar.

    c. Select the Preferences option.

    d. Go to the Privacy tab.

    e. Click on the Manage Website Data button.

    f. Select a website or click on Remove All button, to clear all cache and cookies data.


What is the shortcut to clear cache and cookies in Safari?

In case you are into completing the task shortly, you can press the Cmd + Alt + E keys from your keyboard to clear browsing data on Safari for Mac. You can also trigger this task from the Developer Menu.

Are clearing cache and clearing history the same?

No, clearing cache and clearing history are totally two different things. By clearing history, only the browsing history is removed. Whereas, clearing cache allow you to remove all the junk files.

Is clearing cookies data good?

Yes, if you are willing to improve your browsing experience on Safari, you should delete the cookies data from time to time. This would help you in keeping your browser clean of problematic files.

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