How to Check Apple Safari Version on Mac and iOS [2022]

Like to Check Apple Safari Version?

If you are interested in viewing the currently installed version of the Safari browser on your Mac or iOS device, keep reading. As I have compiled separate methods to help you check browser’s version, without having to consult any third-party services.

Check Apple Safari Version

To keep your Safari browser alive-n-kicking, it’s recommended to keep it updated to the latest version. Usually, the browser is updated automatically by the OS. But in times when the OS is unable to update it, you have to perform this task manually.

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One can only be aware of the fact that his browser isn’t updated, by checking the currently installed browser version. So that he can further actions to update his browser and make it compatible with the upgraded web pages and websites.

How Do I Check Apple Safari Version?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

We all know that Safari is officially available for Mac and iOS devices. That’s why I’ve written separate solutions for macOS and iOS platforms, to help them acknowledge the currently installed version of Safari with ease.

  1. Check Apple Safari Version on iOS

    a. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

    b. Navigate to the General tab.

    Check Apple Safari Version on iOS
    c. Tap on the About section.

    d. Beside the Software Version, currently Safari version is enlisted.

  2. Check Apple Safari Version on Mac

    a. Open the Safari browser on your Mac device.

    Check Apple Safari Version on Mac
    b. From the Safari menu, click on About Safari.

    c. On the next tab, you can view the current Safari version.

FAQs: Safari Browser Version

How to Update Safari on iOS?

Users can navigate to Settings >> General >> Software Update. If there are any pending updates, they will be informed about them and will be asked to allow the OS to install them.

How to See Safari Version?

There’s an About section within the General tab in Settings. In this section, users can view the currently installed version of the Safari browser that’s placed within the Software Version box.

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