How to Change Homepage URL on Chrome Android [2022]

Like to Change Homepage URL on Chrome Android?

I will be talking about a way to set up a homepage address on Google Chrome mobile. Users who have already done this process can use the written procedure to modify the selected values on Chrome for Android.

Chrome knows that it’s the right of a client to set up a homepage, as he pleases. Because such modifications are available within every web browser. So the tech giant has also added such a facility in their most frequently used web browser for Android.

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On all the web browsers, users have to perform different procedures to select a homepage manually. But, I will only be talking about modifying the homepage URL in Chrome, specifically for Android OS consumers.

How Do I Change Homepage URL on Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Every user is allowed to customize the Homepage settings on Google Chrome, including the URL. And, there’s no need to modify any app permissions, to complete this task.

  1. Changing Homepage URL on Chrome

    The best way to set up the homepage page URL in Chrome is from the in-browser settings. Because then, there’s no involvement from any third-party services.

    a. Launch Chrome on Android.

    b. Tap on the Menu icon.

    c. Select Settings from the list of items.

    d. Navigate to Homepage (ensure that the Homepage option is turned on).

    e. Hit the Open This Page option.

    f. Type the desired Homepage URL.

    g. Navigate back to Chrome’s interface.

    h. Tap on the Home button, to launch the added homepage.


What Is The Default Homepage URL on Chrome?

The default homepage URL on Chrome is “”. You are allowed to change, whenever you please, by navigating to the homepage settings in Chrome.

Can I Set Up Homepage URL Settings on Chrome?

You can navigate to browser settings and tap on the Homepage URL option. Now, enter the preffered homepage URL, that you want to be seen, every time your launch Chrome on your device.

Does Chrome Let Us Add Hompage Of Our Choice?

There’s no restriction on adding a homepage URL in Chrome. But you should be aware of the fact that the added URL will launch, only if it’s not restricted by the ISP or local network authorities.

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