How to Change Chrome Background Image and Theme [2022]

Want to Change Chrome Background Image and Theme?

Today’s topic is about helping Chrome users make some appearance customizations. So they can make Chrome look more attractive as well as productive. It’s not nesscary to pay any additional charges to complete this task, all can be done directly from the web browser’s preferences.

Change Chrome Background Image and Theme

Chrome always welcomes users who are interested in keep using the services of the tech giant’s products. By allowing users to make in-browser customizations, it manages to internet users attracted to its services.

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For instance, changing the browser’s theme and background image is almost every internet user’s priority. Because it allows one to keep the browser attractive enough that long-term browsing doesn’t lead to boredom.

How Do I Change Chrome Background Image and Theme?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

There are two ways to change Chrome themes, without having to spend a penny. As to changing the background image, users are just required to make certain changes, from the browser’s appearance settings.

  1. Select Chrome Theme

    The easy way to change the Chrome theme is to download the perspective add-on from the Chrome Store. This way, you will not be required to perform any manual customizations, to make the web browser look, according to your requirements.

    a. Launch Chrome Web Store on Chrome.

    b. Select the Themes section from the left pane.

    c. Choose a theme from the right pane.

    d. After navigating to the selected theme’s page, click on the Add to Chrome button.

    e. For better results, relaunch Chrome to start enjoying the added theme.

  2. Make Custom Theme

    There’s no official way of customizing a Chrome theme, you can only add a background image from your computer, but that’s it. You can perform any modifications with the toolbar or colors with it. That’s why you are required to consult with ThemeBeta, to help you create a Chrome theme manually.

    a. Visit the ThemeBeta website on Chrome.

    b. Sign in with your Google account.

    c. Now after initiating the creation of the theme, name the theme, as you please.

    d. Click on the Upload an Image button and add your preferred image file.

    e. After configuring the uploaded image, click on Generate Colors.

    f. Once the customizations are done, click on Pack and Install.

    g. After downloading the theme file, open the file destination (where the theme file is downloaded).

    h. Navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable the Developer Mode.

    i. Now, upload the theme’s .crx file, and voila!

    j. Relaunch Chrome to benefit from the customized theme.

  3. Change Background Image

    In case you just want to change the white interface of Chrome, you simply need to customize the background image preferences.

    a. From the main interface of Chrome, click on Customize.

    b. Choose a background image from the right pane.

    c. If you want to change the theme color as well, do it from the Color and Theme section.

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