How to Change Apple Safari Background on iPhone/iPad [2022]

Like to Change Apple Safari Background on iPhone?

I’ll discuss a detailed procedure to help you change the Safari wallpaper on your iOS device. So you can make some appearance changes with the default web browser on your iPhone or iPad. You will not be required to install any third-party app, to complete this task.

Change Apple Safari Background on iPhone

Apple Safari gives full freedom to users, who are interested in making some appearance changes, to make the web browser indulge. It allows one to make certain customizations from within the browser’s settings, so he never gets bored by the looks of it.

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If you are a user who is unaware of the process required to change background in Safari, keep reading the rest of this post. As I have included a method to help you choose a wallpaper of your choice, so you don’t feel a need of using any other browser.

How Do I Change Apple Safari Background on iPhone?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

You can use the browser preferences to customize the browser’s appearance. Lots of good backgrounds are available by Safari, and you are also allowed to upload – and select a background, as you please.

  1. Change Safari Wallpaper on iOS

    iOS users have the privilege of changing Safari background, as they please. They just have to select a wallpaper, from the available variety.

    a. Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.

    b. Open a new tab on Safari.

    c. Swipe down and tap on the Edit button.

    d. Turn on the Background Image toggle.

    e. Select a background from the provided list. Or, tap on the + icon to upload an image from your Camera Roll.

    f. After choosing an image, go back to the Safari start page.


Can I Customize Safari on iOS?

Yes, you are allowed to customize Safari depending upon your requirements. Certain customizations like display, privacy, layout, text size, and start page can be done, directly from the browser’s preferences.

What Does Safari Black Background Mean?

If you are seeing black background in Safari, it means that you have entered the Private Mode. So you need to restart the browser and it will go back to the normal mode, from where you can browse websites without black background.

How to Turn Off Safari Dark Mode?

In case you have enabled Dark Mode on Safari, you can disable it, at any time of your convenience. You can change the Dark Theme: On status to Off, directly from the browser’s interface.

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