How to Bookmark in Chrome Android and Manage Them

Do you want to add or edit Bookmark in Chrome Android?

In the following guide, I have added some details about how you can manage your Chrome bookmarks on Android. You can use the exact same methods to improve productivity while using Chrome on your mobile.

Bookmark in Chrome

To be honest, Chrome is famous because of its syncing facility, which allows one to synchronize data from one device to another.

But some users are unaware of the exact process to add and manage these bookmarks in Chrome.

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You can read the following section to learn about the methods to manipulate bookmarks in Google Chrome.

How Do I Bookmark in Chrome for Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Individuals can manage the Bookmarks in Chrome, as they please. I will share the details about how they can add, edit, or delete a bookmark while using Google Chrome.

  1. Add Bookmarks in Chrome

    You are allowed to bookmark any webpage on Chrome. And access the same bookmark data on every device, on which you signed into Chrome.

    Add Bookmarks in Chrome
    a. Launch Google Chrome on your mobile.

    b. Visit the webpage that you would like to bookmark.

    c. Tap on the three-dotted menu icon.

    d. Tap on the start icon.

    e. You can then go to the bookmarks section to open it.

  2. Edit Bookmarks in Chrome

    Once you have added a bookmark in Chrome, you are allowed to edit it, whenever you please. Do that from the Chrome menu, for your ease.

    Edit Bookmarks in Chrome
    a. While Chrome is opened, tap on the menu button.

    b. Select Bookmarks from the list of options.

    c. Hit the menu icon, placed beside the bookmark, you want to edit.

    d. Enter the preffered Name and URL of the bookmark.

    e. Tap on the back button to save changes.

  3. Delete Bookmarks in Chrome

    In case you have mistakenly added a bookmark or you no longer want a website to appear in the bookmarks folder, you are allowed to edit it.

    Delete Bookmarks in Chrome
    a. Go to Chrome’s menu.

    b. Tap on Bookmarks from the menu list.

    c. Navigate to a bookmark’s menu.

    e. Select the Delete option.


Where are my bookmarks in Chrome Android?

All of the saved bookmarks are exported to the Bookmarks folder and synchronized to other devices. You can reveal the list of saved bookmarks from Chrome’s menu >> Bookmarks.

What is the bookmark icon on Chrome?

The Star icon placed inside Chrome’s menu represents the bookmarks. But you can only use it to save or identify the saved bookmark. Else, you need to go to the Bookmarks section, to reveal the list of saved web pages.

What is the current version of Chrome Android?

The update frequency of Chrome is a lot higher, but you can always check the current version of Chrome, at any instance. Click here to visit my guide to learn about the current version of Chrome.

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