How to Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks on Brave Browser [2022]

How to Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks on the Brave browser is our today’s topic. Are you tired of advertisements, privacy breaching, tracking, and other violations on browsers? Well, Brave Browser can deal with your all arguments.

Content creators love ads the most but viewers hate the ads like nothing else. Usually, viewers download the adblocker extensions and add-ons on other browsers. But, the extensions and add-ons don’t block all ads at all.

There must be a built-in AdBlock feature that can block all ads, stop other sources from offering cookies, and much more. Brave Browser got it all, a powerful built-in adblocker that can block all kinds of ads and pop-ups.

Bookmarks are an integral feature of any browser. They are like the backbone of the browser as they are most important in ease-to-access.

Bookmarks and managing bookmarks is something that a frequent internet researcher usually does for daily purposes. So, it is important to learn it.

How to Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks on the Brave browser

If you frequently visit a few pages daily or the day after then You should bookmark the page to access it later. You can do the same on the Brave browser. By doing this you can get one-click access to daily visit pages.

  1. Bookmark page in Brave Browser

    Launch Brave browser on your Windows or Mac Computer.
    Manage Bookmarks on Brave browser
    1. Open the website or web page that you want to get bookmarked.

    2. Click on the Bookmark icon located on the left-hand side of the toolbar

    3. You can Edit the Bookmark name whatever you want and can also choose a Bookmark location.

    4. Hit on the Done button to apply the changes.

  2. Access Bookmarks on Brave

    Here are the steps to access Brave browser bookmarks.
    Manage Bookmarks on Brave browser
    1. Launch Brave browser on your PC.

    2. Select the More icon (Three Lines) in the upper right corner of the screen.

    3. Select the Bookmarks menu from the appeared list.

    4. Click on the Bookmarks option to open the browser screen.

    5. If you have imported your data, including bookmarks, it will list all the bookmarks.

    Just enable the Show Bookmark Bar option from the Bookmarks menu to choose for the browser to display the bookmarks under the address bar.1.

  3. How to Manage Bookmarks on Brave Browser

    Steps to manage the bookmarks in Brave Browser using Bookmark Manager.
    Manage Bookmarks on Brave browser
    1. Launch the Brave browser on your computer.

    2. Click on the More icon for the options menu.

    3. Expand the Bookmarks menu from the list.

    4. Select the Bookmark Manager option from the sub-menu.

    5. Click on the More icon(three dots) for the context menu and manage the Bookmarks.

    The browser will display all your bookmarks. You can edit, delete, copy, etc., the bookmarks by clicking on the more options menu.


These were the steps to Manage Bookmarks on Brave Browser. Please don’t attach that many expectations like you attach with Chrome, Firefox, or Bing. Brave Browser is a good browser but not like the aforementioned names.

You can get any of your favorite browsers from our compilation of Best Browsers on the Internet.

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It basically focuses on those people who are very concerned about their privacy. So, if you are that kind of person then Brave Browser is our recommendation for sure.

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