How to Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android [2022]

Like to Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android?

Dear Readers, you can acknowledge the right procedure to enable or disable JavaScript on Chrome for Android. I have written various solutions to help you benefit from JavaScript on your default web browser.

Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android

Similar to Safari, Chrome comes by default on Android devices. The browser is well equipped to help internet users visit all kinds of websites with ease. As some old websites are still using content programmed within JavaScript, the browser doesn’t restrict a user from visiting such web pages.

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Though, the problem with JavaScript is that it’s bieng on websites for so long, that hackers also adopt methods that could easily be implied on websites with JavaScript. That’s why most of the advanced websites don’t use it anymore.

How Do I Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To keep a user’s experience enhanced, the JavaScript feature is enabled by default. So if you are willing to block it, you will have to do this job manually. But you can enable or block it at any instance, by navigating to the browser’s settings.

  1. Block JavaScript on Chrome

    Users can easily block the JavaScript facility on Chrome, by navigating to the browser’s settings. Here are the proper steps to perform this task:

    a. Launch Chrome and tap on the Menu icon.

    b. Select the Settings option.

    c. Now, open Site Settings and select the JavaScript tab.

    d. Turn off the JavaScript toggle to block it.

    e. You can reverse the process if you want to enable JavaScript back again.

  2. Block JavaScript on Chrome for Specific Sites

    If you only want to block JavaScript for specific sites on Chrome, you can accomplish such a goal, by performing the following procedure:

    Block JavaScript on Chrome for Specific Sites
    a. Launch Chrome and hit the Menu icon.

    b. Tap on the Settings option.

    c. Navigate to Site Settings >> JavaScript.

    d. Tap on the +Add Exception link.

    e. Add the URL of preffered websites, and tap on the Add button.

    Note: The JavaScript toggle behaves inverse of the exceptions. So if you have blocked JavaScript and added exceptions, these sites will still load.


Can I enable JavaScript on my Android phone?

If you are using Chrome on your Android phone, JavaScript is enabled by default. So you will not be required to enable it manually.

How to know if JavaScript is enabled or blocked on Chrome?

You can navigate to Chrome Settings and under Site Settings, and check the current status of JavaScript on Chrome, without having to consult with any third-party apps.

Should I Block JavaScript?

It depends on your choice of browsing, if you want an enhanced browsing speed without any browser lags, you should keep JavaScript blocked. And, if you want to visit all sorts of websites, keep it enabled.

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