How to Block or Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS [2022]

Trying to Block or Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS?

Depending upon the website you are visiting currently if you want to use or block pop-ups in Safari, keep reading the rest of this post. As I have compiled the separate methods to help you benefit from the pop-ups, as you see fit.

Block or Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS

Safari contains tons of services and customizations, to compel iOS users never wanna leave the sight of their default web browser. In this built-in browser from Apple, consumers get to make certain modifications with the default facilities, to make the most out of the internet.

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In some cases, when you are willing to visit a website and you are bothered by the online pop-ups, you almost want to never visit that site again. But if you know how to block the pop-ups, you would start to love the same website.

Some educational and productivity-related websites also contain pop-ups, that allow a user to gain more knowledge. With the help of these pop-ups, new web pages launch, that contain information, related to the content you are searching for.

So in such cases, you have to be aware of the procedures to use the pop-up blocker to your benefit. This would help you stay active and keep up your productivity score.

How Do I Block or Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS?

Time needed: 1 minute.

The easiest way possible to block or allow pop-ups in Safari can be performed from the settings app. Because from there, you can make modifications to the Safari app, without having to harm any browsing data.

  1. Block Pop-ups in Safari iOS

    a. Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

    b. Swipe down and select the Safari section.

    c. Under General, enable the Block Pop-ups option.Block Pop-ups in Safari iOS

  2. Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS

    a. Head to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

    b. Swipe down and select the Safari app.

    c. Within General, turn off the Block Pop-ups option.Allow Pop-ups in Safari iOS

FAQs: Pop-ups in Safari

Can I enable a pop-up blocker in Safari iOS?

Yes, you are allowed to block pop-ups in Safari on your iOS devices. To do so, from the settings of the browser, turn on the Block pop-ups facility.

Can I disable block pop-ups in Safari?

You need to navigate to the settings and open the Safari section. From there, disable the block pop-ups toggle, to enable the backend scripts of websites.

Is it possible to add site exceptions for pop-ups in Safari iOS?

No, Safari for iOS doesn’t provide the option of adding site exceptions. You can either keep the facility enabled or disabled for all the websites.

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