How to Block Misleading Ads in Chrome? [2022]

Like to Block Misleading Ads in Chrome?

Today’s guide is about helping Chrome users block any misleading advertisements from websites. So they can keep visiting the websites with legit ads and bypass the ones that have illegal ads. This functionality would also work is removing pop-up ads from various sites.

Block Misleading Ads in Chrome

With Chrome, users always get the best services possible. They are allotted some extra features to help them avoid any misleading or illegal websites. And for sites that provide any unauthenticated advertisements, Chrome allows you to bypass them.

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By only allowing websites with legit ads, a user actually protects himself and helps those who are working professionally. Because then, they wouldn’t be bothered by way too many pop-up ads with redirects, which are only meant to mislead the visitor.

How Do I Block Misleading Ads in Chrome?

Time needed: 1 minute.

Chrome allows one to enable or disable misleads ads on the web browser. However, such a facility is enabled by default, but sometimes, a user has to perform the following method step-by-step to block the misleading advertisements from his browser.

  1. Block Ads on Sites Which Show Intrusive or Misleading Ads

    a. Launch Google Chrome on your computer and click on the Menu icon.

    b. Select the Settings option.

    c. Navigate to the Privacy and Security tab.

    d. Go to the Site Settings section and choose a website.

    Block Ads on Sites Which Show Intrusive or Misleading Ads
    e. From the Ads tab, choose the Block option.

    If you are not getting the option to block misleading ads within Site Settings, navigate to the About Chrome section and update the browser to the latest version.

FAQs: Blocks Misleading Ads in Chrome

How to Block Inappropriate Ads in Chrome

You need to navigate to the Site Settings. The way to do this is by clicking on the Lock icon that’s placed beside the website’s URL and selecting Site Settings. Now, within the Ads section, select the Block option.

How to Stop Ads Hijacking?

If you are troubled by Ads Hijacking, it’s mainly because you have enabled the JavaScript for that website. So you need to disable the JavaScript from that website from its Site Settings in Chrome.

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