How To Block A Website On Microsoft Edge [2022]

Want to Block A Website On Microsoft Edge?

In this guide, I will be sharing two different methods for blocking websites on Edge. So that users can easily get rid of malicious websites and keep their browser safe. And to be specific, I will help you complete this task by using a third-party extension or by modifying the host file.

Block A Website on Microsoft Edge

Everyone likes to stay private on the internet and that’s only possible if a user is not attacked by a malicious website. Some unsafe websites have a way of getting into the device’s storage and destroying its security standards.

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In that case, if the browser is unable to block harmful or unproductive websites, it’s your duty to make some modifications, to keep the browser safe and protected. So if you are using Microsoft Edge, you can accomplish such a goal.

How Do I Block A Website On Microsoft Edge?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

There are two different ways of blocking websites on Edge. Either you can install a third-party extension or customize the host file, as per your needs. The installation of the Site Blocker extension is recommended for newbies, as customizing the host file can be risky for novice users.

  1. Install Site Blocker Extension

    Plenty of good Block Site extensions are available to be installed on Edge-chromium. But I’m suggesting you install the Site Blocker extension, as it contains a pretty simple interface, that enables easy navigation.

    Block Site on Microsoft Edge
    a. Launch Microsoft Edge and navigate to its Menu.

    b. From the Menu, select the Extensions option.

    c. Click on the Get extensions for Microsoft Edge button.

    d. Use the search bar to locate the Block Site extension.

    e. Click on the Get button and allow the browser to Add Extension.

    f. After installing the Block Site extension, visit the website which you want to block.

    g. Once that website is launched, click on the Block Site icon from the extensions bar and select the Block Current Site option.

  2. Customize Host File

    If you are an admin on a Windows PC, you can modify the host file, as per your need. You can add the URL in the block list, which you don’t want to use on Microsoft Edge.

    Block Site on Windows PC
    a. Type cmd in the search bar and select Run as Administrator.

    b. In the command prompt, execute the following command:

    notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    c. In the newly launched Notepad file, add the code with the URL you want to block.

    d. The code would look like

    e. Once you have added the code, press the Ctrl + S keys to save the file.

Block Website On Microsoft Edge: Video Tutorial


How to Get Block Site Extension in Edge?

You can navigate to the Menu of your Edge Browser to get to the extensions section. From there, install the Block Site extension of your choice.

How to Use Block Site Extension in Edge?

Visit the URL that you would like to block on Edge and then use the Block Site extension to block the current website.

How to Block Websites in Windows 11/10?

You can modify the Windows OS host file to block any website. You need to write the code at the end of the host file with the URL, that you want to block. For instance, the code would be like

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