How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome iPhone [2022]

Ought to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome iPhone?

I will be sharing separate procedures to block and allow pop-ups in Chrome for iOS. The method which I’ll be discussing works on iPhone and iPad devices. So that every iOS user can take full advantage of Google Chrome.

Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome iPhone

There’s no denying that Chrome is the most frequently used web browser. It is preferred by every device owner, all credit goes to its availability for all the major platforms. And what makes Chrome even more interesting is the fact that its functionalities are customizable.

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One of the many irritations faced by internet users is the pop-ups. Yes, I’m talking about the ones that appear on various websites, when you are trying to download files or watch movies online.

Well, no doubt, such back-end scripts can be a headache and can interrupt, while you are trying to access the required content from a website. Though it’s possible to manipulate such scripts, only if you are using Chrome.

How Do I Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome iPhone?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Manipulation of online pop-ups is possible from Chrome’s settings. It is necessary to sign in with an account to manage this activity. Because you just have to just some values from the app’s settings and not modify the account values.

  1. Block Pop-ups in Chrome

    If you are tired of getting pop-ups on Chrome and want to block them, perform the following step-by-step guide:

    a. Launch Chrome on your iOS device.

    b. Tap once on the Menu icon.

    c. Select the Settings option.

    d. Navigate to the Content Settings.

    e. Tap on the Block Pop-ups menu.

    f. Enable the Block Pop-ups toggle.

  2. Allow Popups in Chrome

    Some websites only let you download files or continue live streaming when the website pop-ups are working. In that cases, you have to allow the pop-ups, to benefit from these websites online.

    a. Launch Chrome on your iPhone/iPad.

    b. Hit once on the Menu icon.

    c. Choose the Settings option.

    d. Go to the Content Settings.

    e. Navigate to the Block Pop-ups menu.

    f. Disable the Block Pop-ups toggle.


Can I enable pop-up blocker in Chrome iOS?

Yes, you are allowed to block pop-ups in Google Chrome on your iOS devices. To do so, from the settings of the browser, turn on the Block pop-ups facility.

Can I disable block pop-ups in Chrome?

You need to navigate to the browser’s settings and open the Content Settings. From there, disable the block pop-ups facility, to enable the backend scripts of websites.

Is it possible to add site exceptions for pop-ups in Chrome iOS?

No, Chrome for iOS doesn’t provide the option of adding site exceptions. You can either keep the facility enabled or disabled for all the websites.

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