How to Add Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge [2022]

Want to Add Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge?

Here, I have drafted a straightforward procedure to help Edge users take full advantage of Chrome extensions.

I’m aware that these two browsers come from two different tech giants, but still, you can complete this task of using Chrome extensions on Edge with ease.

Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge

There’s no involvement of any rocket science to install and use Chrome add-ons via Edge.

Because Microsoft Edge is also a chromium-based browser, even you can sync all your data from toe Chrome to Edge, with ease.

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And, it can also be used to install extensions from the Chrome Webstore, without having to consult with any third-party programs.

How Do I Add Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

The process of installing Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge is listed below. You should perform these steps sequentially, as they are written.

However, I will be demonstrating this solution by using Grammarly as an example to install the Chrome add-on on Edge. You can perform the same procedure to install any Chrome extension.

  1. Visit Chrome Webstore

    a. Launch Edge Browser on your device and visit the URL on it.

    b. Click on the Allow extensions from other stores button, appearing in the popup.

    c. Confirm the activity by clicking on the Allow button.

    d. Use the search bar to get your desired Chrome extension and click on the Add to Chrome button.

    e. From the appearing popup, click on the Add Extension button.


Can I Install Microsoft Edge Extensions on Chrome?

Yes, you are allowed to install Microsoft Edge Extensions on Chrome. All you have to do is to visit the Edge Store on Chrome and use it to install your desired extension.

Why does Edge Allows Execution of Chrome Add-ons?

Both, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are chromium-based browsers. This means they allow you to run and execute third-party add-ons, regardless of where you are getting them.

Is Edge Faster Than Chrome?

There have been reports about Edge bieng fast than Chrome. And it isn’t resource-hungry, so it can be said as a good and faster alternative to Chrome.

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