How can we Download Page for Offline Access on Brave browser [2022]

This tutorial is to teach our viewers how to Download Page for Offline Access on Brave Browser. If we talk about one truly underrated browser then it will be the Brave Browser.

Brave Browser owns some cool, unique, and common specifications that browser users may or mayn’t need. Downloading Page for offline access is a feature of all browsers approximately. All of these browsers offer to bookmark or save pages on Desktop or mobile. So, there is nothing special in it.

As the brave browser is not common as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, so many people don’t know enough about Brave.

Recently we drafted guides on Manage Bookmarks in Brave, Reopen Closed tabs on Brave Browser, Switch to Private and Open New Tabs, etc. Now we will guide you on how to Download Page for Offline access on Brave Browser.

How to Download Page for Offline Access on Brave browser

Downloaded web pages from Brave are saved in HTML format. Anyone can access PDF and HTML files of the downloaded web pages on the Brave browser. Hence it is up to them to decide which file format they prefer. Although we can save the web page in PDF format, some people prefer to download pages in the form of HTML files.

  1. Here are the steps to download pages for offline access on the Brave browser:

    Launch the Brave browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

    Open the web page on Brave Browser that you want to save for offline access.

    Click on the More icon (horizontal 3bar) for the options list.

    Expand on the More tools option, select the ‘Save page as’ option.

    Rename the page or not! and choose the folder location for storage.

    Hit on the Save button when you are done.

    Right after above step brave browser will immediately save the file and store it locally for offline access.

    You can press the keys Ctrl/Cmd + S simultaneously to access the ‘Save as’ window. You can also right-click for the context menu on the web page and select ‘Save as’ to access the window.

    Please select a location for the file and give it a name in the next window opening. After this, click on Save to finish the process. It will save the web page on your device.

Conclusion: Download Page for Offline Access on Brave Browser

Only browsers team has created this article so that people can use the Brave browser better. It is helpful for anyone who wishes to quickly learn how to save web pages for offline access on Brave. You can even use the keyboard shortcut to cut down the effort and time required.

The Brave browser allows users to download web pages in HTML files like many other browsers do. It can access these files even if you don’t have an internet connection. This feature is useful when people require the contents of a web page for use later but do not necessarily have an internet connection.

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