Fix: Google Detected Unusual Traffic on Safari iOS [2022]

Troubled by Google Detected Unusual Traffic on Safari iOS?

This usually happens when a user tries to use Safari while bieng connected to a free VPN app. And that’s mainly because Google servers acknowledge that way too many servers are accessed by a singular IP. So in some cases, this also happens when you are not even using a VPN.

Google Detected Unusual Traffic on Safari iOS

It’s the responsibility of a user to never risk his internet browsing, by using any untrusted VPN applications. Because they might cause harm to a user, by invading his online privacy.

In that case, if a user is unable to protect his privacy, Google provides him the services by providing notifications like Detected Unusual Traffic.

Fix: Safari Too Many Redirects Occurred

But in some cases, a user’s iOS device can also be the reason for this problem. As it might start giving signals, which can result in a false alarm.

No matter the reason for this issue, you would obviously wanna fix it, and that’s why I’ve drafted some solutions to help you bypass it.

How Do I Fix Google Detected Unusual Traffic on Safari iOS?

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Please avoid using free VPN services while browsing the internet on Safari. And if you are not using any VPN services and still getting the Detected Unusual Traffic notification by Google, you should perform the following methods one by one.

  1. Restart your iPhone

    First of all, you should restart your iPhone/iPad, to check if that’s not just a simple glitch, that doesn’t need any customization in the settings.

    Restart your iPhone
    To do so, long-press the Power button and Volume down key together. And from the Power slider, turn off your iPhone. Now, after 10 seconds, turn on your iPhone and check if the issue is resolved or not.

  2. Relaunch Safari

    On some occasions, users have launched many tabs at the same time. In that case, Google algorithms consider this unusual traffic source, because your mobile is then connected to several servers.

    Relaunch Safari
    In such a situation, you should close all the tabs and relaunch the Safari browser on your iOS device.

  3. Clear Browsing History and Data

    a. Launch iOS Settings.

    b. Select the Safari app.

    c. Tap on the Clear History and Website Data link.

    Clear Browsing History and Data on Safari
    d. Once the process is completed relaunch Safari.

  4. Enable HTTP/3

    a. Launch iOS Settings.

    b. Select the Safari app.

    c. Tap on Advanced.

    d. Navigate to the Experimental WebKit Features tab.

    Enable HTTP 3 in Safari
    e. Enable the HTTP/3 toggle.

  5. Reset Network Settings

    a. Launch iOS Settings and go to the General tab.

    b. Navigate to the Reset section.

    Reset Network Settings on iPhone
    c. Tap on the Reset Network Settings option.

    d. Relaunch the Safari browser.

FAQs: Google Detected Unusual Traffic

Why does Google keep telling me unusual traffic?

Google only blocks unusual traffic to protect a user’s browsing privacy. So whenever it locates a single IP connected with more than one server, it notifies you instantly.

Does unusual traffic mean hacked?

No, it only means that you are either using a free VPN that’s not worth it or there’s something wrong with your selected network settings.

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