How to Fix: Safari Not Working on Mac Computer [2022]

Safari Not Working on Mac! It is not a usual case. macOS, MacBook, and Safari all of these products are considered highly stable.

There is a very rare chance that any of these products became victims of malfunctions. In the end, it is a piece of technology major and minor errors are part of it.

Today we are going to guide you on how to Fix Safari Not working on Mac Computer. This issue is considered a general issue that can arise in any Mac-oriented device.

Safari comes in stock with every MacBook and macOS device. It means Safari will be there if there is macOS.

How to Fix Safari not working on Mac

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Let’s start the Guide with a basic solution that is highly recommended. Here are the steps to force quit and restart the Safari browser

  1. Force Quite and Reboot Safari on Mac

    1. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar on your Mac.

    2. Select the Force Quit option that appeared on the drop-down menu.

    3. Select the Safari app from the list of apps that you want to force shutdown.

    4. Click the Force Quit button.

    Now relaunch the Safari Browser from your App drawer.

    Play the video again and check if the Safari works smoothly or if it is still a mess.

  2. Install Software Updates

    Apple brings the updates for each and every software product regularly. Maybe the software is stuck somewhere and you are not aware of it. It is the complete solution if the software update is pending and you update it. There is a 99% chance that it will fix Safari not working on Mac Issue.

    Here are the steps to update the Safari browser on Mac:
    Fix Safari not working on Mac
    1. Click on the Apple logo on Mac Computer.

    2. Select the System Preferences sub-menu.

    3. Select the Software Update program from the menu.

    4. Click on the More info.

    5. Select the checkbox against the Safari browser to install the update.

    6. Hit on the Install Now command button

  3. Enable Javascript

    I know it is a bit technical solution but Javascript is a must for Safari. It can be the main reason behind the Safari not working on Mac.

    1. Launch the Safari on your MacBook or macOS computer.

    2. Select Safari from the menubar option that appears.

    3. Choose the Preferences option under the Safari menu.

    4. Move to the Security tab within the Preferences.

    5. Tick Mark the Checkbox to Enable JavaScript.

    Play the video again and check if the Safari works smoothly or it is still a mess.

  4. Check Browser Extensions

    Extensions are the biggest factor for why we love Google Chrome, No other browser can manage extensions more easily than Google Chrome.

    Safari is not so good in extension matters. Browser extensions can also be misbehaving or intentionally blocking the Safari Functions.

    Follow these steps to check conflicting browser extensions in the Safari browser.

    1. Launch the Safari browser on your computer.

    2. Click on the Preferences option from the menu bar.

    3. It will open the Preferences window, and switch to the Extensions tab.

    4. A list of extensions installed on the Safari browser will open in front of you.

    5. Deselect all the extensions that you want to block.

    6. Turn off all the extensions, and check for video playback.

    Repeat the process and keep disabling the extensions and enabling the previous one by one to know for sure which extension is messing with Safari.

  5. Clear the Browser Cache

    1. Launch the Apple Safari browser and click on the Safari menu.

    2. Select the Preferences sub-menu and then the Advanced tab.

    3. Enable the check box of the Show Develop menu in the menu.

    4. Click on the Develop menu and select Empty Caches from the drop-down menu.

Wrapping Up

The best solution to this problem is you need to download the latest version of Google Chrome. Somehow if you managed to fix Safari not working on Mac, it will come again in the future.

In the future, you will have to download Google Chrome. Because I am pretty sure at the end Google Chrome will be the final option. For daily browsing searching, for streaming Google Chrome is the best.

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