Fix: Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly [2022]

Troubled by Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly?

If you want to fix the Chrome sudden shutdown and want to bypass this annoying problem, keep reading the rest of this post. I have written methods that would help you in restoring Chrome’s health and make it super fast.

Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly

Even if Chrome is a product of a tech giant, it isn’t free of flaws. It has some issues that can be annoying at times when you are in no shape of facing any sudden shutdown of your web browser. Because it might affect badly on your productivity.

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Since there can be various reasons why Chrome didn’t shut down correctly, users are required to consider all the possible reasons behind it. They should consider implying the methods that would allow Chrome to run smoothly on their computer.

How Do I Fix Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

It’s not nesscary that there’s something wrong with Chrome and that’s why the browser is shutting down by itself. You also have to consider the possibility of a decrease in the resources which can trigger this issue, whenever Chrome isn’t getting enough resources to run without lags.

  1. Restore Tabs

    a. After launching Chrome, you get to restore the suddenly closed tabs. So when you launch Chrome, simply click on the Restore button.

    Restore Tabs in Chrome
    b. You can also visit the History tab by pressing the Ctrl + H keys on your keyboard. There, you will find all the visited web pages.

  2. Let Chrome Apps Run in Background

    a. Visit the chrome://settings/ URL on Chrome.

    b. Navigate to the Advanced tab.

    Let Chrome Apps Run in Background
    c. Under System, enable the Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed toggle.

  3. Change Chrome’s Default Folder

    a. Launch the File Explorer, by pressing the Win + E keys from your keyboard.

    b. Navigate to the following folder destination:

    %AppData% > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data.

    c. Right-click on the Default folder and select the Rename option.

    Rename Chrome's Default Folder
    d. Rename it with any word, so that Chrome would create another Default folder in this cache.

  4. Modify Chrome’s Preferences

    a. On File Explorer, go to the following address:

    %AppData% > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default.

    Modify Chrome's Preferences
    b. Right-click on the Preferences file and open it with Notepad.

    c. On the Notepad application, press the Ctrl + F keys and make a search for exit_type

    d. Modify the value of exit_type from Crashed to Normal.

  5. Reset Chrome

    a. Visit the chrome://settings/ page on Chrome.

    b. Go to Reset and clean up.

    c. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

    Reset Chrome
    d. Confirm your action by clicking on the Reset Settings button.

FAQs: Restore Chrome Shutdown

How to Close Chrome Properly?

At the top-right of the window, click on the X button. Else, press the Ctrl + Shift + W keys shortcut to close Chrome properly.

How to Fix Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly on Chromebook?

First of all, you should remove any applications that you installed recently. Afterward, reboot your Chromebook to bypass this issue from the cache.

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