How to Downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows [2022]

A guide to Downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows. We are going to write step by step with key details and a bit of introduction to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is often regarded as the fastest browser on the Internet. We don’t doubt much about this fact. But the fastest browsing is not enough for the internet users.

A browser should be featureful, accessible, and easy to access with a simple user interface, and Chrome leads in all of these.

The Microsoft Edge is the stock browser of Windows previously known as Internet Explorer. It is serving Windows users for quite a long time. Unfortunately, now Internet Explorer only exists to let Windows users Download Google Chrome.

As it comes pre-installed on a Windows PC so, it’s a hurdle to uninstall Internet Explorer on Windows. All you can do is Downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows can Update it. Microsoft Edge’s Chromium-based browser has upscaled the popularity charts.

A new update might break the third-party Extension or Add-ons. Likewise, if an update full of bugs or a Beta Version gets rolled out, it would hinder the browser’s usability. In such cases, users may need to Downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows.

How to Downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here we are going to write down steps to downgrade MS Version on Windows 10 PC. As it is a bit technical, you need to stick with us till the end. Both these methods are exclusively for the Business/Enterprise builds of Edge and wouldn’t work with the general build

  1. Exit Edge and End Task

    Exit the Microsoft Edge browser if currently open, Afterwards, kill every MS Edge process from the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
    Downgrade Microsoft Edge

  2. Open file Explorer

    Press the Win + E shortcut keys on your Laptop/Desktop to open File Explorer.
    Downgrade Microsoft Edge
    Head over to the Edge’s Installer directory under Program Files.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\92.0.902.84\Installer

    Make sure to enter correct the version number (check your version at edge://settings/help page).

  3. Enter CMD and Execute it

    Go to the Address bar within the Installer folder, type in cmd, and hit Enter key.

    Execute the uninstallation command in the CMD window.

    setup uninstall system-level verbose-logging

    Hit the Uninstall button

  4. Finish

    That’s it.

    The currently installed version of Edge will be removed from your Windows PC and will be replaced with an earlier build.

Bottom Line: Uninstall Microsoft Edge

This was the only way to downgrade Microsoft Edge Version on Windows PC. If you are curious why we didn’t use Add or Remove Program option on Windows to uninstall Edge.

Let me make it clear. MS Edge is the stock Program and Microsoft has greyed out uninstall option for MS Edge in Windows. So, users can’t uninstall or downgrade Microsoft Edge in the traditional way.

By the way, you can download Google Chrome Latest version from Alongside we also suggest trying Firefox, Safari or Opera on Windows PC as a replacement for Microsoft Edge.

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