How to Configure Settings on Brave Browser [2022]

Configure Settings on Brave: This Browser became the most accessed browser of 2022. The Brave company has taken its product to the extreme potential that it can. Maybe soon the brave will be in the line where Chrome and Firefox are currently.

As Brave becomes one of the favorite browsers of my team, we love to explore the potential of brave, its features, services, benefits, and much more. We demonstrated a plethora of tutorials on Brave Browsers with different settings and features. Viewers want to know more and more about Brave Browser.

To operate something that is connected to the internet, Settings configuration is extremely important. Although most of the developers set auto-configuration for their product if it’s online. But, sometimes users have to manually configure the settings due to some malfunction or error.

So, we thought it’s important to teach Brave users how to configure settings on Brave. We are bringing the detailed procedure on how to configure Settings on Brave Browser.

How to Configure Settings on Brave Browser

Time needed: 2 minutes.

They can also change the WebRTC IP Handling policy based on their needs. Users can also allow or prohibit the browser’s P3A (Privacy-preserving product analysis).

  1. Here are the steps to configure the privacy settings on the Brave computer:

    1. Launch the Brave browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

    2. Hover the cursor over the More horizontal 3dots icon menu next to the last top site.

    3. Click on the Switch to the Privacy and Security tab.

    4. Customize the Privacy and Security settings in Brave browser per needs.

    5. Allow or disallow Autocomplete searches and URLs by switching ON and OFF the options button.

    6. Choose a WebRTC IP Handling policy from the list. The available options in the list include disabling non-proxied UDP and Default public interface only.

    7. Next, you can allow Google services for push messaging, allow P3A, and allow the browser to send daily usage ping and diagnostic report

    8. The site and shield settings allow you to manage microphone, notification, and location permissions. You can easily manage your browsing data by clearing browsing history & cached and image files, managing cookies, and accessing security and site and shield settings by clicking on them.

    The last thing on the list is the Safety Check. It looks for data breaches, harmful extensions, and updates for the browser. Click on the Check now button to perform the safety check.

Conclusion: Configure Settings on Brave Browser

Onlybrowsers team has created this article so that people can use the Brave browser better. It is helpful for anyone who wishes to quickly learn how to Configure Settings on Brave Browser. You can even use the keyboard shortcut to cut down the effort and time required.

The Brave browser allows users to download web pages in HTML files like many other browsers do. It can access these files even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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