Fix: Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing [2022]

Did the Reopen Closed Tab Option Disappear on Chrome?

Hey dear reader, I am writing to assist you in fixing Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing.

I’ll also tell you about the right way to take advantage of this facility, so you don’t land into any complications.

Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing

Many users confuse themselves while launching on the recently closed tabs on Chrome.

It’s mainly because Chrome has slightly changed the way this facility works.

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So here, I will help you identify what has changed and how you can get back the Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing.

Has Chrome Removed the Reopen Tabs Facility?

No, Chrome has not removed the reopen tabs facility from the web browser.

It’s still available within the browser, but it’s not available in the same places, where it used to be.

From the beginning, this facility was enabled by right-clicking on the launched tab and selecting the Re-open closed tab option.

But now, you got to perform the following method, depending upon the operating system, you are currently using.

How Do I Fix Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing?

Time needed: 1 minute.

To tell you the truth, you don’t have to perform any fixes to reopen the closed tabs, but only perform the updated way to get this job done. Here’s what you are required to do.

  1. On Windows

    Windows users have two options to relaunch the closed to Chrome tabs.

    a. The first way is to press Ctrl + Shift + T keys simultaneously from the keyboard, while Chrome is launched.
    Reopen Closed Tab on Chrome
    b. Else, Right-click on the empty header bar and select Reopen closed tab from the context menu.

  2. On Mac

    Well, Mac users mostly make a mistake by right-clicking on the launched tab.

    They should not be doing that, but only right-click on the empty header bar and choose the right Reopen Closed Tab option.
    Reopen Closed Tab Option Disappear on Chrome
    Mac users can also press the Command + Shift + T keys to launch the recently closed tabs.

  3. On Android

    Since the Chrome Reopen Closed Tab missing problem also irritates Android users, here’s what the mobile users need to do.

    a. Launch Chrome and tap on the Menu icon.

    b. Select the Recently Closed Tabs option.

    c. Visit the website or webpage directly from Chrome’s menu.


How to restore tabs in Chrome?

You can use the Reopen Closed Tabs facility to restore tabs in chrome. Such a facility is available by default, so you’ll not be required to perform any customizations to enable it,

Can I restore Chrome?

Yes, every user is allowed to restore Chrome from the chrome://settings/reset page. From there, click on the restore Chrome to default settings and confirm the action to proceed.

Is Reopen Closed Tab available in all versions of Chrome?

The Reopen Closed Tab facility is available within every version of Chrome. You can benefit from this facility whenever you please.

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