How to Change Search Engine on Brave [2022]

Change Search Engine on Brave: Brave Browser has become one of the most downloaded browsers on the internet of all time. The website has just been included in the global top 1000 websites that are most accessed.

Brave is nearly downloaded over 10 million times on each and every support OS. Especially the computer users are in love with the brave browser. It makes their working life on the Laptop so easy through its featureful interface. All features of Brave that are viral on the internet and still coming are already discussed on

My team members are continuously working on Brave Browser to bring a maximum number of How-to’s, tips, and tricks. Today we are bringing a new tutorial on how to change search engines on Brave Browser.

Well, it is not so special a feature as all browsers allow you to keep your favorite search engine at home. Most of us keep Chrome as the search engine on every browser. Brave Browser also gives users the independence of using their favorite search engine inside their browser.

As many of us are not aware of Brave Browser features, Settings, and Cusotimzations, we are bringing a simple tutorial on simple topics and i.e how to change Search Engine on brave.

How to Change Search Engine on Brave

Here is the procedure to change the default search engine on brave and replace it with your favorite search engine. Follow the steps written below.

  1. Change Search Engine

    Here are the steps to change the default search engine in Brave computer.

    Launch the Brave browser on your Windows or mac computer.

    Click on the More icon menu for the options list and select the Settings option.
    Change Search Engine on Brave

    Select the Search engine tab from the left panel on Brave Settings.

    Change Search Engine on Brave

    Click on the Search engine used in the address bar drop-down menu.

    Change Search Engine on Brave

    Select the desired search engine from the list.

    The brave browser offers six search engines, Google Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, etc., to choose as a default search engine.

    Click on Add once you are done.

Since it is such a helpful feature, we wrote the article to assist our viewers and Brave Browser’s new users in learning how to perform this function. Users can change and set search engine of their choice on Brave.

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