How to Change Homepage URL in Firefox?

Want to Change Homepage URL in Firefox?

To help you choose a homepage of your choice in Firefox, I have written a guide with two methods. Because you can either drag your desired website to the home icon or enter the preffered URL in the browser’s setting, to add it to your homepage.

Change Homepage URL in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most preffered web browsers by developers and computer programmers. As it doesn’t consume lots of your device’s RAM, it is becoming a source for people to browse the internet, without affecting their daily productivity frame.

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Another way of improving productivity on Firefox is that you select your most preffered web page as the homepage. So that, you don’t have to enter that website’s URL, whenever you launch the Firefox browser. And that’s what my topic is going to be, to help you choose a homepage of your choice.

How Do I Change Homepage URL in Firefox?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

There are two ways to customize the Homepage URL in Firefox. The methods which I have discussed here don’t require the installation of any third-party add-ons. You can simply modify the homepage settings, directly from the browser’s interface.

  1. From Home Icon

    Change Firefox Homepage URL
    a. Visit a website on Firefox.

    b. Once the website is launched, you’ll see a lock icon beside its URL.

    c. You need to drag that lock icon towards the Home icon.

    d. After doing that, confirm your action, that you want it as your homepage URL.

  2. From Firefox Preferences

    a. From the main interface of Firefox, click on the Menu button.

    b. Select the Preferences tab.

    c. Choose the Home section, from the left sidebar.

    d. From the Homepage and new windows section, choose the Custom URL option.

    e. Enter the preferred URL inside the respective bar – and it will be selected as your new Firefox homepage.

FAQs: Firefox Homepage

What is Firefox Homepage URL?

Whenever you launch Firefox, a webpage or a list of recently visited web pages is delivered on the main interface. But when you choose a homepage URL, you are redirected towards that web page, whenever you open Mozilla Firefox.

How to Make Google Your Homepage in Firefox?

You can navigate to Firefox’s preferences and choose the Home tab. From there, select the Custom URL option from the right pane and enter inside the URL bar.

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