How to Change Display Language in Microsoft Edge [2022]

We are bringing a simple guide on how to change the Microsoft Edge display Language. Also, the author is taking the help of image illustrations if someone is bad at theoretical then he or she can be practical.

If we talk about a program that is available in most languages it will be surely Microsoft Edge. If there is a registered language Microsoft Edge will be available in it.

Every Internet user is independent to select the language he or she wants. Microsoft Edge is nearly available in 52 languages that’s a hell of support.

The problem is Microsoft Edge Language is auto-selected according to the state you are in. Most of those who want to change Microsoft Edge Language don’t know how to do it.

How to Change Display Language in Microsoft Edge

Here is the procedure to change Microsoft Edge Display Language, the one that appears on Microsoft Edge Home Page.

  1. Microsoft Edge Display Language Change

    1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows or Mac Computer.
    Change Display Language in Microsoft Edge
    2. Click on the three dots menu icon for options and menu.
    Change Display Language in Microsoft Edge
    3. Select Settings from the menu.

    4. Scroll to the bottom and find the Languages section on the left Pane.

    5. After getting to the Languages section, click on the Languages to expand the menu.

    6. Click on the Add Language command.

    7. Enable the checkboxes for the required language from the list.

    8. Hit the Add button.

    9. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon next to the newly added language.

    10. Enable the checkbox for Display Microsoft Edge in this language.

    Hit the Relaunch button for the changes to take place.

    Once the browser restarts, it will adopt the new language throughout its entire user interface.

So, viewers, these were the steps to Change the Microsoft Edge Display Language on your Windows and MacOS computer. I hope we explained the procedure in enough detail to make you understand better. Still, if you find anything complicated or non-understandable please ask us.

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