How to Change Default Browser in iPhone/iPad [2022]

Many Apple users desperately want to know how to change default browser in iPhone or iPad. Safari is the default browser in every product of Apple like the iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac Desktop, etc.

Safari is good but there is nothing like Chrome, Firefox, or Brave in it. A user who is just using iPhone as a brand may not interested in it. But, users who have knowledge of tech and use the iPhone for its ecosystem, really want to try something different than the stock.

Like the previous procedures, Changing Default Browser on iPhones and iPad is also so easy. Follow the steps to make chrome default on iPhones and iPad.

We recommend Chrome to Brave to set as default on iPhone. Such a popular browser but not even comes in stock with any OS apart from Android. All popular operating systems have their own stock browsers on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

We download Google Chrome by ourselves from other browsers and use it. But, the question is how to make Google Chrome Default browser on iOS or any operating system it is compatible with.

Many computer beginners and new smartphone users don’t know how to set Google Chrome as Default Browser.

So, today we are guiding them through the procedure to change the Default Browser on iPhones and iPad.

In iOS 16, you need to head over to the app sections and choose the browser you want to set as default. Instead of changing the iOS setting to change the default browser on iPhone, you need to choose the app first and make it default directly. 

The below procedure is for those users who want to change the default browser on iPhone with versions before iOS 16.

How to Change Default Browser in iPhone/iPad

  • On your iPhone or iPad launch the Settings App.
  • Scroll down a bit, locate and select Safari to open the App Settings.
  • Tap on the Default Browser App.
  • Choose the Chrome app or any other preferred browser from the list.
  • This will set the Google Chrome app as a default browser app on iOS.
  • Congratulations, you successfully changed the default browser on iPhones and iPad.

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Final Remarks: Change Default Browser in iPhone

That’s how you change the Default Browser on iPhone. There is a reason why Google Chrome is considered the best search engine and web browser in the world. It holds more share on the internet than all others combined.

I am using Google Chrome for more than 11 years now. Never face a single difficulty neither in the need of a special manual during the whole tenure. That’s why we highly recommend setting Google Chrome as Default Browser in iPhone, Android, Windows, and macOS operating systems, etc.

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