How to Change Background Image on Safari Mac [2022]

If you want to change the background image on Safari Mac but don’t know the way! This guide is really something you need to read.

Apple’s rich ecosystem force the users to stick with its products. They offer a wide range of improved enhancements, luxurious improvisations, and some extraordinary built-in features. If we just talk about Safari on Mac specifically, it is more than a browser.

One of the most liked features of safari is background customization. Users can set the background image on Safari of their choice.

Safari’s one of its most underrated features is start page customizations, which you can get pre-loaded with Safari 15 upgrade.

Wallpapers are not just made your desktop glow but also your browser. We all must admit the fact that the Macbook display is something impeccable. If we set a cool wallpaper on Safari Mac it will make us feel good.

Setting wallpaper on Macbook is easy everyone knows it. But how to set a background image on Safari Mac. Many of the users are not aware of this answer.

So, for the Macbook users, we are bringing a general guide that teaches, how to change background images on Safari Mac.

How to change background Image on Safari Mac

Unlike other customization procedures, changing the background image on Safari is very easy. Just a couple of minutes and here the task is accomplished. Follow the steps written below to change Safari background Image.

  1. Change Safari Background Image

    Step 1: Launch Safari Browser on your Macbook.

    Step 2: Navigate to the bottom right corner of your safari browser and click on Customize Menu option.

    Step 3: Enable the checkbox of the Background Image option.

    Step 4: Click on the Add icon (+) option to add the custom picture of your choice from the gallery.

    Step 5: Browse the picture from the gallery that you want to set on Safari Mac as the background image.

    Step 1: Click on the choose button.

    Step 6: The image you choose will apply as the background of the Safari start page.

    Change Background Image on Safari Mac

    If you wish to change the image again, you will have to remove that custom image first. To remove the custom background image from Safari,

    Step 1: Go to the Background Image option from the start page custom menu.

    Step 2: Click on the X icon situated at the top left.

    Step 3: The custom image that you set previously will be removed.

    You will be free to add another image of your choice on Safari Background.

Conclusion to Change Safari Background Image

If you see the same thing, again and again, every time you open your Laptop, it will make your feel annoyed. The setting background image on Safari mac frequently will give a sort of freshness to you. Also, the procedure is very easy so, you don’t have to go through any hurdles. If you have any questions or you are in some sort of complication! Please ask us through the comment section.

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