6 Best Browsers for iOS (iPhone/iPad) – 2022

I’m here to help you get familiar with the list of Best Browsers for iOS. You can use such browsers on your iPhone or iPad to browse the internet safely and without any interruptions.

Best Browsers for iOS

There’s no denying that browsers are the most frequently used apps on any electronic device. So users prefer to use the ones that are more compatible with their device’s ecosystem.

In the following section, I will discuss some of the best Safari browser alternatives to use on iPhone and iPad. All of the browsers are free to use, so you can get any one of them, without spending any extra cash.

List of Best Browsers for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Here I present to you some of the best web browsers for iPhone and iPad. All of the mentioned browsers are available on the App Store, so you will face any difficulty installing them on your iOS device.


DuckDuckGo for iOS

The reason for enlisting DuckDuckGo at the top of my list is that it’s one securest browser.

Users can rely on it to remove any online insecurities that may encounter while using any other web browser.

It also allows one to facilitate himself with the built-in search engine, that’s designed to keep a user’s privacy protected 24/7.

Here are some pros and cons of DuckDuckGo:


  • Blocks third-party trackers.
  • Always redirects you to HTTPS protocols of a website (if any)
  • Provides a privacy score of a website that you currently visiting.
  • Helps you in locking the web browser via Face ID or Touch ID.


  • Highly customized
  • Not user-friendly
  • Not recommended for newbies

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome for iOS

If you want to use a web browser that offers the same services on PC and mobile, Google Chrome is what you need to get.

This web browser is designed to provide convenience in cross-platforming.

You can easily use it to sync your data from one device to another, with the help of the same Gmail account login.

Some facts about Google Chrome:


  • Supports voice commands
  • Built-in translator
  • Save and sync whole browsing data
  • Data Saver Mode to compress web pages
  • A separate private browsing mode.


  • Consumes more energy to run
  • Data hungry web browser

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for iOS

In case you are leaving Chrome, just because of its hungry resource con, you should try Microsoft Edge.

This web browser offers similar services just like Chrome, by consuming a lot fewer resources.

It’s also chromium-based, so you can use it to synchronize your data from one device to another.


  • Anti-tracking facility to keep you secure
  • Supports incognito mode
  • Built-in reader mode
  • Comes with Password Manager
  • Blocks third-party cookies


  • Quite similar to Chrome
  • Requires Microsoft Account Sign-in

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Firefox for iOS

In case you are interested in using a web browser that’s compatible with Apple’s ITP, Firefox is what you need for internet browsing.

It contains all the good services that you would want from a web browser, like ad-blocking and anti-tracking facilities.

You can use it on your preffered device, as it is available for all the major platforms.


  • The best solution to avoid online trackers
  • Gives full freedom to handle account activities
  • Private mode to help you save no user data while browsing


  • Not much user-friendly
  • You are required to customize bookmark data from the device in which it was created.

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Brave Browser

Brave Browser for iOS

If you are looking for a private browser that enhances page load speed, Brave Browser is what you require.

It comes with built-in support to block ads and trackers.

You will encounter much faster-browsing speed in it, even when you have opened multiple tabs on it.


  • Helps you only in visiting websites with HTTPS enabled
  • All of the browsing data is encrypted by default
  • Never loads third-party add-ons and trackers
  • Allows you to browse the internet anonymously via a free VPN


  • Compromises the revenue of website publishers

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Opera Touch

Opera Touch for iOS

Opera Touch can be used to enhance online productivity, as it comes with tools like FAB.

FAB aka Fast Action Button is designed to help users perform instant operations while web browsing.

The browser contains a user-friendly UI, that’s highly intriguing, but not an eyesight killer.


  • Enables Flow feature to help you sync data to your desired device.
  • Built-in QR-Scanner
  • Comes with a Crypto Wallet to help you manage cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.
  • Blocker pop-ups to help you keep it clean.


  • Poor bookmark management
  • No support for online synchronization

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