How to Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser [2022]

Our topic is how to Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser? But, first, we want to explain Brave Browser in detail as many of our visitors are totally new to Brave Browser.

About Brave Browser

Brave Browser is the new trend on the internet and it’s getting more popular day by day. As we saw many cases of privacy breaching by the tech giants in recent times, people are becoming more conscious and have so much concern about their privacy. They are looking for alternative products that can ensure the protection of users’ privacy.

When it comes to the browser which is the main source on the internet, every smartphone and laptop user uses a browser for sure. So, a browser must be secure and give importance to users’ privacy.

Luckily, we found the Brave Browser in recent times. After a bit of research, continuous use, and personal examination, we found out that Brave Browser is the best private Browser for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

An Ultrafast browser that can handle your browsing matters and provides you super-secure privacy and security. The rest of the functions of Brave Browser is similar to other popular browsers.

You have got a strong built-in Adblocker, VPN, and much more. Also, the privacy value of users is given by Brave.

We highly recommend our viewers to try out Brave Browser. Hopefully, you will not get disappointed.

Brave Browser Auto Translate Webpage

Just like other incredible features of Brave, there is also a feature of Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser. Not all websites are developed in English. There are many websites and web pages on the internet which are non-familiar language to users.

What will you do if you found a Website or webpage in another language on Brave Browser? Obviously, you will translate the page. Using Google Translate in search will be lengthy and time taking for you. So, it’s better to translate the page on Brave Browser in real-time, just with one click.

Now the question is how can you do it. The answer is very simple and explained below. Through the steps written below anyone can Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser.

How to Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser

You have to add the Google Translate extension from the Chrome web store on Brave. As its a Chromium-based browser so, you can use Chrome extensions on it.

  1. Install Translate Extension
    Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser

    1. Launch Brave browser on your Windows or macOS computer.

    2. Visit the Chrome web store and find the Google Translate extension. Always install the official

    3. Chrome translate extension developed by Google. To clear the confusion, Direct link is added here.

    4. Click on the Add to Brave button

Translate a Webpage on Brave

After installing the Chrome Translate extension and adding it to brave, you will be able to Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser. Here’s how you can do it.

Here are the steps to auto-translate the web page on the Brave browser:

1. Visit any website on Brave Browser whom webpage you want to auto-translate. For example we are accessing the, one of the largest China-based online media, search and game service company principally engaged in the provision of online products and services.

Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser

2. Click on the Extension icon at the top right of Brave Browser, click on Google translate, pin it on the bar.

3. Now click on the Translate extension you just pinned and click on the translate this page. The page will be translated to your preferred Language just like we did it in English.

Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser

4. User’s can revert the webpage to default lanaguage by just clicking on Show Original at the above bar.

That’s how you Auto Translate a Webpage on Brave Browser with ease.

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